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Never Be Tired Again – Ever

I made a BOLD promise to you when you signed up
for my newsletter.


Yes, a bold promise in a world of run-down individuals, over-worked
over-stressed … under-nurished, under-exercised, and flat out under-charged …
depleted of any extra juice. That is unless
they have had a double-cappa-frappa-lapa-chino-beano.

Well, today I am going to deliver on my promise
(as I do everyday with an uplifting message)
by introducing you to an amazing course from a very good friend.
One that will leave you in a slight sweat feeling like you
can conquer the world.

It has me riding high – yet again – from a quick session
spent with Dr. Wu Dh. Woody for short.
Or as I call him “The Wood Maestro.”

Cut to my routine this morning.

Got up from my couch and dropped in his DVD.

I didnt move within a 8 foot radius all around me.

I didnt run or sprint.

I didnt lift a weight or flex a muscle.

Yet, coming out of the 18-20 minute Qi Gong routine
I was jacked on natural juice, charged-up like
never before.

Actually, I cant say NEVER before because I have been
following his course now for several months.

So I thought to sit down and type this letter to you.

I met “Woody” at Matthew Furey’s fantastic
fitness seminar. And as soon as he finished his presentation,
I almost knocked him over being the second person
to hand him contact info for the pre-release on his NEW course.
Reason being, I wanted his course
the second it came out to work into my morning routine.
If you cant wait to read on
here is the link to his course … Recharging Qi Gong.

Anyway, the same night of the seminar, I also signed-up for his
personal one-on-one session
where Woody did energy work on me.

I remember talking with my friend Jerome shortly
after and laughing like a grade school boy
in a room full of girls — giddy for no reason at all.

Woody showed up a few seconds later in the lounge.
And when I asked him why I was sooo giggly he told me
there was a lot of negative energy pouring out
while positive energy flowed in.

After that, Woody and I became great friends.

Woody commissioned me to do his cartoon. I gladly obliged
because I want to do anything to support his top notch products and get
them out into the hands of every individual on the planet.

I drew his cartoon with energy shooting out of his fingers
and hands because thats what it felt like when I was finished
with my personal session.

And thats how I felt this morning after following the DVD instruction …

Super Energized BABY!

He has my full endorsement for a positive life-changer.

You absolutely will be glad to have learned from this gent in DVD format.
He is a down-to-earth, kind, funny, and powerful spiritual teacher.
Spending most of his life studying in China.

And his energy rubs off on YOU.

If you ever get the opportunity to have him do
Medical Qi Gong on you-
you’ll be a lucky man and woman.

Rush over to his website and gather this GEM up immediately


Vince Palko

PS. Now its your turn to ride the pseunami of everlasting energy.
Go here now, to get your hands on the course Recharging Qi Gong.

PSS. Tomorrow I will reveal a secret
I’ve been keeping from YOU for several months now
and sharing how this program has been instrumental
in assisting me through it. Be sure to tune in.

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