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Never become a coward from fatigue

A few nights ago, I watched the first game of
the series between the Cavs and O’ Magic.

What a great game from two high powered teams.

Orlando has some magnificent 3 point
gun slingers. Cavs have Lebron who
scored a career high in the playoffs of 49 points.

After the game, Lebron buckled over
and cramped major league.

Maybe the 8 days off weren’t all
that great for the team.

Cavs were draggin a bit in the 4th quarter.

What does this have to do with you.

Any kind of fatigue is bad be it mental,
physical or emotional.

The funny thing is physical exercise
combats all the above not just physical

Vince Lombardi had a quote that went, “Fatigue
makes cowards out of us all.”

He’d say that after countless gassers
after practice and then run the team
even more.

You could see it in the eyes of
the Cadav-alier players… that dumbfounded
glazed over look.

Yes, it even happens to superstars.

So why did Lebron buckle over at the end.

He left everything he had on the court – including tipping
a jump ball to his teammate with one second
to try to win the game.

Let’s hope coach had everyone run a few
extra suicides sprints after practice.

The key to not become a coward from
fatigue is to focus your breathing.

Between my first and 2nd marathon
I had less lactic acid the next day
and the only thing I did differently was
focus on my patented TYE breathing techniques.

But you already know how to breathe.

No you dont. Not like the way I teach in
Triple Your Endurance ®.

Run here now and never become a coward
from fatigue


Vince Palko

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