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New energy cartoon posted

You requested it. Now you got it.

Many of you like to keep tabs on some
of the behind the scenes work I do. So heres a glimpse.

Wanted to direct you to a project I finished up
earlier today for a natural healing medical Qi Gong master.
He is seen here …

His name is Dr. Wu Dhi.

Doc is a fascinating person who is his own proof. This
guy is close to 65 and looks half his age. In fact,
he announces that to the WORLD.

Wouldnt you if it were true of you — too.

Doc finds the blocks in your energy field and frees them.
This allows the energy to flow easily as it should just like the blood in your veins.
So I wanted to show his hands lighting up his patient in
this picture.
I showed this because this is what I felt when
I had a treatment done by him.

SCHZZZZZET — My whole body lit up like a lamp post in London.

Afterwards, while sitting in a restaurant with Jerome
talking, I was giddy, like a 6th grade boy looking at
Farrah Fawcett swim suit pictures.

And for NO explainable reason.

I asked Doc later what that was all about and he said
it was the result of energy opening up and pouring
in and out of my body.

If you want to check out his new course
you can do so by visiting …

You’ll be glad you began turning back your own clock and
observing wrinkles vanish into thin air.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

You can see the different phases of the cartoon building process
on this page. You can see three different concepts I created for
Doc and the direction he eventually choose to go.

Pps. Many of you emailed asking to see some
of my artwork. If you like the change-up in seeing some of my
cartoons, well good, cause I plan on sending more out.
Plus, the clients I work with are fascinating and have life changing
products that can help you!

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