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New Energy in O ‘Nine

Can you feel it?

The new energy that is buzzing round.

I’m sensing its very different from last year
and wow is it exciting.

When you slow down your breathing you can feel it.

When you slow down your life you can sense it.

Yes, there are many challenges that this year brings.

However, I like the passage from Deepak Chopra…
“Let go of all anger, worry, regret and choose the miracle.”

When you constantly focus on the miracle-
you’ll be amazed how your life opens up in new ways.

What miracle you may ask. Well, there are miracles
happening all around you.  The miracle of life, the miracle of death,
the miracle of healing, the miracle of love, the miracle
of forgiveness, the miracle of a comeback, the miracle of new beginnings,
and the miracle of fat loss – if you choose to see it in miracle form.

Lets take the last one.  Does it not amaze you
when you see old friends or family members who used to be
fat and are now thin.

It’s an actual miracle transformation of the body.

Well, I have a miracle exercise program for you.

I actually have several. Lets look
at one though it could be for all…
This one wont take very long and  will leave
you energized, recharged and slim…

This one the great Hershel Walker did all the time.
The same guy who made the all pushup and situp
workout famous…
Run over to see a pict of him in action
back in the day-hey-hey

Oh yeah, and by the way, if you havent yet picked up your
Special Report on “43 Secrets to Stoke Your Fat Blast Furnace” be sure to do so, NOW.  If you apply just ten of these secrets – you’ll be light years ahead of where you once were with your fitness and health.

Its free for the first 197 people.

Run here now.

Yes, miracles do happen on a daily basis.
You could be next.  Are you ready for yours.


Vince Palko

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