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New Illustration: Be Like R2D2

Let’s get back to the basics with visualization. This post needed to go up a long time ago because it is the foundation to visualize if someone doesn’t know where to start. We’ve all been to a movie theater and can imagine a lighted screen with images happening in front of us.

It was taught to me first by Matt Furey. I later got the course Psycho Cybernetics where it further explained the Theater of the Mind as well as many other ways to connect with your subconscious.

Although, I was early influenced by Shakti Gawain’s book creative visualization, Psycho Cybernetics had a ton more visual rich metaphors that I could wrap my mind around.

Personally, I always sketched what I heard, when Matt talked about this as well as what I read in the book by Dr. Maltz. I’ve probably sketched this metaphor about 50 times. I’ve drawn it where the movie screen rests right on the inside of one’s forehead. This version you see above is how I’ve experimented with as of late.

So give this one a try. When you go for walks select a theme you want to work. Imagine from inside your head, the light from a movie camera extending out from your head. In particular, just above your two eyes in the middle of the forehead.

Then imagine the whole scene taking place right in front of you as you walk. Similar to how R2D2 (Bee da liee, da, leet) prjected the holigram of Obey One Kanobee.

When you see your future in 3D, you take your meditation to a whole new level.
This is a super charged way to visualize success in your life.

Oh by the way, I’ve included many icons above the person in this image to stir your imagination. Instead of telling you what they are. Let’s get interactive and have YOU share what each one icon represents (from right to left). The person with the correct lineup in the correct order will receive a free gift sent from us to your house – ON THE HOUSE.

Let’s have fun some fun and start visualizing!

Almost forgot … If this image interests you, there is a plethora of other helpful success programming thoughts and tips inside Psycho Cybernetics.

Go there now to …

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve a better future.


Vince Palko

Ps. For all responses send to Also, if you click on the above image, it will expand to see more detail.

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