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Nose of a Champion

Yes. I gotz a big schnoz.

At least thats what people have told me.

I always thought everyone else’s nossle was tiny and wimpy.

This nose of mine has been busted 15 times throughout my career.
Its been blasted, bloodied and bandaged.

Best story is my redshirt freshman year.
I split the bridge of it open. Went into
the locker room. Doc stitched me up. Went back out on the field.

Two plays later — Blammo — blood everywhere.

Back in the training room. Raw flesh hung from my schnoz.
So they could NOT use stitches again. No. This time 4 big STAPLES.

At the time, I kept thinking, why do i keep doing this to myself.
It was the fifth time it happened that season.
But resting or sitting on the sidelines was never an option.

I got back in there. Everyone in the huddle smiled.
My transparent orange mouthpiece showed,
as I smiled back – calling the signal.

One weekend, our team was away, my pals and I drove to ND to watch them open against Michigan. Towards the end of the game, it began raining. My friend shouted, “Get Vince inside … before his nose rusts like the tin man.”

A reference to my metal staples embedded in the bridge of my nose.

Yeah, my red badge of “Get After It Ness” and I have been around the world.
And I have heard all the quips.

Hey, Turtle.

Hey, Big Nose.

Hey, Tucan

Hey, Nose – I mean Vince.

What they dont understand is the term “Nose for the BALL” (a common phrase used
for a defensive player) never fit better on anyone. And I wear it with pride to this day.

And to have anything in life you have to be a heat seeking missile towards it. Yeah, I just used a graphic warfare type vehicle to deliver my point.
Another less violent visual is a high powered magnet pulling in iron
dust. Every cell in your body has to be aligned around your vision
and decision to bring to you what you want.

That’s why in my success club you receive success based images
that ramp up your enthusiasm meter to make your mind think success
at a high level — ALL day long.

This group is not for everyone. We are lookin for a few good men and women
to spin their propellers in the forward direction – not reverse.

You can sign-up for my Success Rocket Ride Club.

Do so now,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Next month I will reveal how I quit my job and the afternoon had a giant check waiting on my front door step. A check from a legend, Dan Kennedy, who I call the “Elvis of Direct Response Marketing”. This pre-payment was for several images I drew and autographed in Dan’s new book soon to be released. If you are someone wanting to break the chains that bind you to your day job desk… I highly suggest you grab a copy of this newsletter… cause you wont want to miss it.
Go to the Success Club link NOW.

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