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Picasso and Springsteen Had This

I went diggin’ through some old boxes
the other night and happened across this passage.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Its a quote by the late great Pablo Picasso.

It says, ” When I was a child, my Mother said to me,
“If you become a soldier – you’ll be a great general.
If you become a monk — you’ll end up as the Pope.”
Instead I became a painter and wound up PICASSO.

It reminds me of yet another artist one who
maybe you’ve heard of.

I no longer have his bootleg tape from
the late 70s… its completely worn out.
But I could recite word-for-word
every story told in between songs.

On this old tape Bruce Springsteen told
a story of what he wanted to be growing up.

He told the audience before the song
GROWING UP, “My mother wanted me to be a author,
my Dad wanted me to be a lawyer,

Now these two amazing individuals
are no different than you or me.
The point of this email is to show you…
when you get clear on what you want
and put a little passion into it — you can be
do or have anything you want in this world.

The challenge is we live in a instant message world.

So our minds literally have to focus and re-focus
close to 300 times a day. Most of the refocusing
we are not even aware of.

And let’s say you want to make more money
starting yesterday.

You need reminders all around you
of what you want to achieve in order to stay focused.

My system, Rocket Launch Yourself to Financial Successâ„¢
allows your mind quite space from the rat race to dream about
your future prosperous life.

It is in this space that your mind relaxes
and begins attracting to it more duckets. That’s muney
in Palko Speak. Buckets of duckets if you will.

Go to this page now and check it out.
The program comes with cards, posters and much more
to keep you focused on hitting your target.

And the price for the program is a mere pittance
compared to what you’ll receive as a result
of experiencing the system.

I am in the process of updating the image– on the bonus
poster that it comes with –to a rocket ship
taking off straight into the stratosphere. Reason for the change
is that’s the image you want always fresh in your mind.
Not a ski jumper at the Olympics.

So anyone who purchases the product from here on out
will receive the updated version once its complete.

The slight shift in metaphors has rocketed my own
income in the first half of the year, and I am excited to
release version 2.0 for you to enjoy as well!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. Please dont write me saying you are too old
to achieve anything worthwhile. There are
countless examples of people achieving success
well past their 50′s or 60′s.
Dont even get me started.

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