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Pissed Off at the Pump

Tonight, I topped off my tank for the trip
to Detroit tomorrow and then to catch a flight to Nashville.

I pulled up to the pump and stepped out of my car.
The next thing I heard was a bunch of rustling and commotion.
Sounded like there was a scuffle on pump three.

Turns out there was one pissed off man
at the pump. No, not because it wasnt working.

Because his dumb digital readout was too high.

“?%&!w$%^, stupid pump, effin $50 to fill up, now $65
to fill up the tank. What’s it going to be next – $100,”
the incensed gent cursed to himself.

I literally felt his negative venom pour out
two pumps over. When I looked to see
if I he was really yelling at the pump – and not someone else-
our eyes met.

One unhappy teed-off camper.

He drove away looking back at me a couple times fuming.

This story seems like its all made up, but its not.

I mean he was pissed OFF.

“Hey man, dont look at me, pal. You dont want
to go any rounds with Big Nose,” I thought.

He was like an instant brain hemorrhage waiting to happen.
People with that much volatility towards an inanimate object
need serious help.

Sure gas prices are high. But if I was to transport the
vexed gent to the late nighties when I lived in Deutschland -
gas was $3.50 a LITER. Thats like over ten bones for
a gallon of gazzoline. Can you imagine Angry Archie – he’d rip
the pump right out of the friggin ground.

Count your blessings pal.

Angry Archie could use a couple rounds with my
“Morning Glories” to burn that negative energy
completely out of his system. These exercises will lift
him out of the doldrums and make him believe
he controls his own destiny. And that he doesnt have
to fall victim to the 5 foot metal pump. These exercises
are taught in my newest course The Cardio Blitz Package

He could also use some of the deep breathing exercises
taught in Triple Your Endurance to relax
his mind and soul.

Don’t let the little things pull you down.

I once heard an interesting saying …
If you have a problem that man or money can solve,
you really dont have a problem.

Something to ponder, eh.

Let’s get after it,

Vincent Palko

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