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Program Your Mind like the Matrix

Ever wanted to literally program your mind for success? If so, here’s a perfect way to do so without effort.

Remember the movie the Matrix with Keanu Reetes? Whatever his name is. The movie that pushed the limits with its story and special effects.

At one point in the original movie, Keanu’s character gets programmed with different downloads of information and skills – martial arts and other fighting tactics, knowledge and other important information to know in the new world of the matrix.

They stick the computer jack into the back of his head. Load into the computer a new set of ‘How To’ information. Then, click ‘Begin Download’ Shhhhooop, done. Instant Jujitso.

You can do the same thing with an iPod or cassette recorder. Without jammin’ a jack into the back of your head- Youch.

While you drive in the car, turn the news off or the hip hop American Idol music and program yourself with useful pertinent, life changing stuff. If you work a job that allows you to do the same, there is no better way to reprogram your mind then while you work.

Want to expand your vocab?

Learn a new language?

Build a success consciousness?

For every subject you’re interested in there are probably a few hundred books written on it as well as podcasts and audio books to listen to and program yourself with.

By playing this instructional information lightly in the background as you work or drive or walk, your conscious mind is diverted and, the info gets right to the source of the impressionable subconscious mind. You’ll begin to grow in news ways and be amazed how you did so.

I enjoy listening to inspirational media -speakers like Dr. Maxwell Maltz, teleseminars and what not.

Technology and the Internet at our fingertips, has made it so accessing anyone to motivate, inspire and teach is super easy.

To program your mind with instant energy techniques, and with zero effort– only that of your listening skills, get your hands on my Triple Your Endurance CDs NOW.

And as Napoleon Hill said …

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

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