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Prove it All Night

Was reading a book by Larry Winget, The Pit Bull
of Personal Development, last night
and in one section he talks about sexxks.

He says if you are not sweating you
are doing something wrong.

Hmm.  Veddy interesting

It reminded me of an old Springsteen song, called
“Prove it All Night.”  And the IT in the title refers to
being able to prove one’s love for their partner
by providing a good “roll in the hay.”

Both references above point to having
enough stamina and endurance
to go the distance with your lover.

The sad reality is most people cant.

They cant go the distance or prove it all night
because they are so out of shape and tired.

No sweat ever forms while they work their magic.
And if it does by chance, and they realize it … somehow
they get zapped and are forced
to fall- never finishing what they started with as much gusto.

The only PROVING they do – to their partner – is
how FAT-tigued they are at the end of a day.

They lack drive, endurance, and stamina.

Well, endurance is a funny thing.  You either have it
in your life or you dont.  You have good endurance
while you exercise, work at your job and when
engage in an evening sexxkual encounter.  There are no “in betweens.”

And you either know the secrets to increase your endurance
or you dont.  If you dont, and want a resource you cant
find anywhere else on the net, visit …
Triple Your Endurance.



Vincent Palko

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on the Cardio Blitz package.

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