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Punch Procrastination Right in the Face

Was on a coaching call last night
listening to someone discuss their current frustration
with not being able to get anything done, i.e. – projects, exercise and so on.

This person said yeah I’ll plop down on the coach
and put a show on the Tv and watch it.

I’ll then get the urge to start my project and then a little
voice will say, only five minutes more of this show
then you can go. So I munch on a couple more chips
and that time passes.

Ten bags of chips later they realize three hours have past – nothing
is done and they feel like complete garbage.

How many of us can relate to that story. Maybe not as extreme but we all
have fallen victim to the Procrastination Slug. Me-self included.

At some point you have to lace up the gloves and punch that
sum-b8tch in the jaw and say – “You cant control me. I CONTROL ME.”
I am positive when you mentally take charge like this YOU WILL get off your butt
and get something done.

No one controls you. YOU CONTROL YOU>

I have included a visual of “Enduro Man” doing it for you to mentally picture the next time
the slug comes round. Bye, bye little slug.

After telling the slug to hit the bricks what I tell myself is I’m going for five minute walk. Then I wind
up doing all sorts of excises on my walks that enhance my workout. Ones
that can be found in Triple Your Endurance.

You can apply this method to anything in your life. To write a book. How about getting
just a title down. Can you do that.
I am willing to bet once you start peckin away
at the computer you will have the title and at
least a paragraph written.
Something milluyans of people cant even say they have.

Skys the limit on what you can achieve with this mentality.

When you apply it to exercise, slowly but surely and
for GOOD the fat will
fly away.

One way to apply this method is to jumping rope.
Do you know that jumping rope for five minutes is like running for 15 minutes.
My program has simple easy to follow workouts that someone from
their 30s on up to their 60s can follow.

To start twirling that rope and kissing that fat goodbye once
and for all — go to Linebacker Fintess PRONTO.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vince Palko

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