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Quadruple Your Endurance

Went for a jog the other day. Havent run OVER 2 miles in a looong time.

I thought I’d put Triple Your Endurance to the test. So I decided to run 8 miles. BTW, its been almost a year since I attempted an 8 miler.

Started off pretty slow, but then picked it up. Went the entire distance without stopping. Did it effortlessly. Even with my 235 pound frame.

Here’s what happened:

1) Using the specific breathing taught in Triple Your Endurance, my mind went into a meditative relaxed state by listening to the deep pants. Worry, frustration and time all vanished

2) My mind was energized with fresh air and oxygen and new ideas were popped to solve a challenge I faced

3) The next day I had zero, I mean zero soreness in my muscles – a little in my joints (to be expected from the pounding) but ZERO soreness in my muscles

The reason for no soreness my muscles was the lactic acid had no time to build up. It all got used from forcing more oxygen into my lungs than normal. This lactic acid was the fuel I used to get me through the run

So in essence, I quadruple my endurance. Hmmm, maybe I should change the name of the course.

Why would a course like this interest you. This proves that no matter how out of shape you are you can still triple (at least) your endurance by learning the techniques in Triple your Endurance.

I also believe that by going for smaller runs and learning the proper techniques to train smarter not harder you can still triple your endurance. For example, the 1.5 mile jogs I’ve done the last year.

LET’S say you don’t care to jog. That’s fine. Simply go for a walk, bike or do an anaerobic workout and work your breathing. This alone will make the fat cells burn off your body- All from a 15 minute workout.

Saving you time to get on with your life and not wasting every moment exercising or dieting.

This is the way to sustained fitness, more creativity & productivity and overall balance in your life. Go here now.

Endure like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

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