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Quit Your Job and The Jack Will Follow

A few weeks ago, I did what most people tell you NOT to do.

I QUIT my day job.

I did so to fully support building what
I’m passionate about; Success information
products with a visual flair. And making you better
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
Also, to fulfill all the work from my Cartoon business “arm.”

I drove home thinking I have three little ones to support
what the hecks am I going to work on now.

As I pulled the car into my drive way, parked, and
I walked up to our front door.

Sitting flat on the front door step was a Fedex envelope
with the return address from the guy who has created more
millionaayres than anyone; Dan Kennedy.

My heart began racing.

What’s inside.

What’s inside.

I ripped it open to discover a 3 page personal letter from Dan
inviting me to illustrate his next book.

Then I felt it. An overwhelming sense
of peace and calm lift me off the ground and say,
“Palks, this is the beginning
of the rest of your life.”

So many people feel trapped in their jobs
as I did for the last 6 years. Count em 6 years.
That’s nothing though. Many people feel this way for 15, 20 and even 30 years.


And towards the end of my time there, everyday I would
go to the can, I’d take out my goals and review them.

Then I would finish up — still in the bathroom –
with push-ups and squats taught on these
Success Visual posters.

After that I had enough energy to go back into work
and make it for a few more hours. I did this 3 and 4 times a day.

Towards the end, I had to get up and leave pretending
to go to the bathroom, and just sit reading my goals while on the throne.

Now in case you are wondering if I am suggesting
for you to go out and quit your day job tomorrow. Think again.

You need a dream and a plan. And combining exercise and
goal setting is one of the most powerful
things you can do to bring your dreams to life.

Here is a complete system all ready created for you –
designed to increase your income
I’ve always felt the goals come true when
you keep your mind free and clear of clutter and focused
like a giant laser beam on it. And this is exactly what this system does.

If we go back to the letter from Dan Kennedy, let me ask you a question-
Was the letter from Dan on the same day I left my job a coincidence.


As I have told you in the past, what you keep your mind focused on
attracts to you the people, places, things, and events to support
your vision.

And if you go back and re-read the last few paragraphs, you’ll know it was NOT
a Ka-wink-i-dink.

So dream your dream.
And break the shackles that hold you back.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

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