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Rain, Rain, Come and STAY

Often as a kid you probably heard the saying “rain, rain, go away.”

Today, I am going to give you reasons why it should STAY.

And its not because the crops need it. Thats a given.

I finished up an awesome workout in a rain storm
last night. And I thought about why exercising in the rain
is a powerful and healing method for training.

Here are my reasons…

Reason No. 1- Rain is good because it washes away the day.
In many religions water is a form of cleansing. The same is
true for the cares of the day. Just like it knocks the cotton wood
(white fuzzy things) out of the air in the spring – it can do the
same with stale, stagnant energy that surrounds you.

Reason No. 2. – Water recharges. No, I am not
talking about that new fangled water some of
you keep directing my attention to. Water is a conduit
for electricity. That means electricity flows freely and powerfully
through it. ALA – a plugged in toaster dropped into a full bathtub.
(Dont go trying that at home!) If used right water can be something
that revitalizes your body. And members of my success club
know what I’m talking about….

Reason No. 3. – Water changes the mood for the better.
I remember back in football camp, there was one day
in which it was blitzin’ hot for 3/4 of the practice. Everyone was tired and asses draggin’.
And it wasnt until the end of the session, that we ran drills as a team
when the mood changed. Out of no where, the winds blew in, the clouds got dark and the buckets of
rain started dumping. Did we run for cover. Hell no.
The coaches kept coaching like it was sunny and blue skies.
And we kept practicing.
Funny thing was it instantly made practice fun – slipping and sliding.
Our energy was revitalized. And the wet ground was a distinct advantage for the defense.
We were teeing off on the offense as they could NOT get any traction.
Mud, sweat and flat backing tackles — phun, phun stuff.

The same is true when you exercise the Super Body
in the rain.
All three points still apply. The rain washes away
the sins of the day, revitalizes you with an electric charge
and is a fun change up.

Plus, this way of training always guarantees a good workout. I used to know
a coach who would say, “a workout isnt a workout unless
you return with shirt drenched in sweat.”

So when you return from your exercise in the rain
you feel like you actually did something.

The good news is the workout I did dint take long.

Here’s what I did:
- 10 Lombardi’s (Super Body Blitz DVD 3)
- a set of Morning Glories (SBB DVD 1)
- Ten 50 yard sprints – progression
- Two sets of Four Corners (SBB DVD 2)
- and finished up with alternating pushups.

All under 26 minutes.

The rain mixed with sweat is the perfect elixir to wash away
negative thoughts from the day and start new.

Cast away the negative feelings and fears
that hold you back and watch how your mood changes.
But you cant get this in the gym — get outside and get after it.

Okay all for now. Let it rain. Let it rain.

Push on,

Vincent Palko

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