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Recalling Cadillac Hill

Hills equal amazingly quick fat burning mechanisms.

Let me explain.

It dawned on me today as  I reflected running up a short hill
in my backyard park that some of my best training came to me on a hill.

One of my early flashbacks revisits high school
wherein we had the dreaded hill that ran
up along the backside of the school.

This hill was located right next to a parking lot
which was next to our practice field.

Whenever the coach would discipline
us or want to condition us, we’d head to the hill.

Bear crawls for discipline.

Wind sprints for conditioning.

The bear crawls on a hill were easier
than doing a bear crawl on
level ground. Bear crawling up a hill
you had some gravity resistance taken
off. But we never told coach.

Then across the street was Cadillac Hill.
This long stretch of brick ran up next to a Cadillac Dealer
and is the steepest hill in downtown Akron.
Sometimes after school, I’d run through town
and take that hill.

Another hill appeared in my life for my college football training.
Picture a flat plain with a big camel hump
in the middle of a field. This is the 10th hole
on the BGs golf course and the only hill nearby to condition us.

After school, I traveled to Sicily for a spell.

The hill in the center of this small Italian
town ran straight up into the sky. It wasnt a hill.
it was a friggin mountain.

The thousand yard stare from the townies
when I rolled through town to hit the hill with a sprint
- gave me the impression no one else took advatange
of this amazing exercise tool. Cept the crazy American.
After a week, I made it to the top without stopping.

Training on a hill were the times when I was in spectacular shape.

So that brings us to you.

If you live around a hill – take advantage.

This is a powerful exercise tool built
into mother earth.  If you re just starting out
walk the hill half way and make it your goal
to get to the top without stopping or turning around.

If you are fairly fit, run that sh*t.  Dont stop.

By running the hill you are overloading the
muscle groups in your quads, hammies and glutes.
This builds muscle fast and also builds your wind power.

If you dont live around a hill, another amazing
tool to whip you into shape just as well is the jump rope.

Reason is, anytime the arms are
extended out in the jump rope set
position the heart has to work faster
to pump blood out to those extremities.
This means you dont have to exercise long before you feel the

Now lets say you are a beginner.
Here is what I would recommend.

Do one skip.

Yes, one. Get good at one- just like anything else
you are learning for the first time. Spend 5 minutes a
day doing just one.

Then make it a goal to get five and then ten skips.

After a while you’ll be skipping nonstop for a minute.

Then add two and three and four.

Soon, you’ll be skipping for 20 minutes
and then you’ll be done.

Get on board with the rope because once you start
you’ll never want to put it down.

If you want your very own program
to pull out when you get the itch
to jump, the page you need to click on Linebacker Fitness.


Vince Palko

P.S. If you want a set of exercises that transformed
the fitness world, run here now …

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