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Shed Your Skin

I have a new Success Visual posted above.

When I was a senior in high school
I was awarded a full athletic scholarship to
Bowling Green State University.

I remember my best friend sharing something about
his girlfriends brother who went there a few years before me.
He said, “Vince, Marys brother went to BGSU and she said
he changed. He wasnt the same. Are you going to change too?”

“No man. I am going to stay my old self.”

We joked about it but Jeff
was awfully curious what would happen to me.

Secretly, I was as well.

A couple years later Jeff came to visit. It was the weekend of
the Central Michigan game.

After the game, sipping a couple Buds, we talked about
that conversation we had.

“You’ve changed Vince.”

Wow. What could I say. At first I tried to
debate the fact. But he and I both knew — he was right.
I wasnt the same person I was just a few years ago.

Not that I was better or worse than before. Just different.

Its tough for friends and family members when you
are in pursuit of greatness and wanting to do something
with yourself.

They see it as a threat because they might not
have the same desire.

The fact is if you are pushing yourself, stretching
yourself and going down a path less traveled –
you will have to change. Its a simple reality.

Its called growth.

If you are growing you are changing. And change is good.

Last night I fell asleep to Wayne Dyer on PBS.
Many of his ideas resonated. Many did not.
Yet, I was awfully comfortable being
in his presence — especially, in my favorite living room chair.
In my peaceful trance, I dozed off to his message.

When I woke up, I drew this picture.

In pursuit of my dreams, I have had to shed
skins of personalities, limiting beliefs
and friends (and extended family) who dont support my vision.

It might sound sad to say farewell to friends. Truth
is, if you dont share something in common with those past friends –
they naturally dissolve anyway.

This image is also influenced by my two coaches and friends — Matt and Jim.
Their insight and wisdom cannot go unrecognized.

I was talking to a friend on the phone last night and she shared with
me how she feels bad that she has not stayed in contact
with old friends from home.

Most people share the same feelings.

However, when you realize some friends go away
and new friends form — its much easier to handle.

So dont feel bad when you go back home for the holidays
and the friends you once visited arent there
for you. Enjoy the friends and family you do have.

They are the ones that really matter.

The only time you need to be concerned is
when you visit the same friends you did 20 years
ago and nothing is different.

Like a reptile sheds his skin,
let go of friends, limiting beliefs
and old personalities
that are no longer relevant to you NOW.
Thats what this Success Visual illustrates.

I think you get the picture.

Reach for greatness in 08ness.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

Ps. I have a very special Christmas gift for you
coming in the next week or so. Be on the look out.

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