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Shock Yourself For More Energy

Have you ever had a new experience and felt the rush of adrenaline come over your body.

Maybe it was seeing the Grand Canyon or seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time.

Or even maybe it had nothing to do with travel.

Maybe you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried a new food. Tried to learn a foreign language. Taught yourself how to speed read. Even slight adjustments in a workout routine make neurons click a bit differently upstairs. Your mind buzzes with
energy and excitement.

You’re not alone in your experience.

This is because when people try new things, the brain’s “reward chemical,” according to one researcher, dopamine is released.

A fancy word for Natural feel good chemicals.

What does this have to do with your endurance, stamina or energy levels.

Everything. Yet, it’s one piece of the entire puzzle. You find out more in my course Triple Your Endurance.

By making slight changes in your routine, you empower yourself. If you do this on a continual basis you’ll never feel like your running on vapors because they’re be so much feel good chemicals running through your noggin.

So when you exercise, always change things up. In my course, Triple Your Endurance I talk a lot about mixing and matching simple body weight exercises with SHORT distance cardio. This literally melts fat quicker and shreds your physique fastert than any other method, I ever tried.

I’ve been around the block ‘er two when it comes to health and fitness.

When you mix your routines not only will you have success with your weight loss results, but it will leave you wanting more and more and more.

Daily exercise won’t feel like a chore.

So get off your butt, stop procrastinating and do something with yourself. There is a world of opportunity out there waiting for you. You simply need the energy and resolve to get something done.

It starts with committing yourself to this program by investing in your future now!

Endure Like a Stallion,

Vince Palko

Ps. Most cheap skaters are NOT doers. They look for excuses not to invest in themselves than develop reasons how my program can help them become more desirable achiever. Go here NOW.

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