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Skivvie Time

Just a few minutes ago I came to
the realization that I had spent the first
half of the day working in my long briefs
(or skivvs)… as I call em.

It wasnt until I walked out
to the mail box did I realize my attire
because the elderly neighbor woman
gave me a weird look.


Well, carry on.

Anywho, I guess when you hear of solo-prenuers
touting the fact they can go
to work in their skivvies is a good- thing. It
never really dawned on me how nice
this is until my aha skivvie moment.

Luckily, for me I dont have a commute,
put up with a grouchy boss, report
to the “warp” race where everything moves
at the speed of light and as a result
you come home zapped, drained, fatigued,
and ready to crawl to the couch.

For me I dabble in a cartoon here…
write an email there and always… always
find time to get one if not two training
sessions in.

Ahh, life is good.

Quite the opposite feeling as
most people feel a part of themselves
slipping away -when they report to work
each day.

I was talking to an old friend on
the phone last night and he wanted to know
how I went from the corporate bat race to
being a solo-preneur. The same thing
I told him is revealed in bits and pieces
to my Success Rocket Ride
Club members over the past year.

Was it an over night thing. Well, in
next months edition, I reveal another
key nugget in the edition of The Success Rocket Ride Club
so make sure to climb aboard this rocket ship.

Be sure to sign up for a ridiculously low
$1 Test Drive offer here.

This newsletter is my passion. I enjoy creating
the bonus DVDs and CDs each month as well
as the Success ToOls. These tools are designed
to move you step by step closer
to achieving more success in your life.

The choice is yours. Continue rotting
away as you enter the doors to your place
of work or dance down the stairs to add life
and breath your passion.

The choice is yours.


Vincent Palko

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