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Sow Your Seeds Baby

Its known that you flow through the day with the sleep
you got two nights ago. Not last night.

Quick example. Before I ran my first marathon in Chicago,
my 1 year old was up every other hour. So between her
being up an me being anxious to “GET IT ON like Donkey Kong”-
I didnt get much rest. Literally, two hours tops.

I went out the next day and felt like I had a FULL nights slumber.
And ran a great race. How could this be on 100 minutes of snoozing.
The same was true before any big game in football. The intermittent rest
would seem to most a ruff way to start the day. Let alone
get after it FULL SPEED on the gridiron. But because the night before I slept
like a babe swaddled tightly, I had the juice for Game Day.

Success in many ways is similar.

You have to plant the seeds today so in a week, a month,
or even a year from now — your crop becomes ready for harvesting.

This is contrary to how most think. They believe that if they dont see
success tomorrow, they must be doing something wrong.

A challenging thing to contemplate in the world of gotta have it now gadgets. I know.

That is why I like images and paintings that show farmers sowing seeds.
Van Gogh has one called The Sower. Keep scattering the seeds of success and sooner or later those seeds will take route (in the rich soil) and blossom into
your dreams – right before your eyes.

By continuing this process over and over – you have the law of averages on your side. One small seed will turn into a REDWOOD. Giving you unfathomable abundance and happiness.

One way to constantly be thinking of success is to sign up for my Success Club.
I’ll remind you with fun, engaging images and concepts to pepper
your mind each month —

I’ve been told that my messages and images inspire you on many levels.

This fabulous group gets a slice of me and my championship mindset
sent to your door every month with an uplifting message to keep you moving forward. Not standing still or backwards for that matter – like most people’s thoughts give them.

If you sow the seeds in your mind – so shall you reap them in reality.

Sign-up now while its still possible to get in on the $1 test drive offer.

Time to go water mine.


Vincent William Palko

Ps. That link again is …

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