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Stand tall in a Crowd

When you find yourself around a winner
you recognize one thing. How he stands.

He stands with his chest puffed out.

He stands with a mighty sword in his hand.

He keeps his chin up.

He looks at you with complete confidence and smiles.

He is blind to his past mistakes.

He walks above the clouds.

One of the many things I’ve taken from
my experience playing football
has little to do with what I learned on the field.

It has to do with how I observed my head coach
interact with other people, hotel attendants,
gas station clerks and anyone else we
would encounter while traveling to and from

He treated them with complete respect and utter
kindness. It was one of the most powerful things to
witness as a young man.

This had everything to do with our success on the field.
Just as much as grueling practice sessions. Maybe even more.

Let me explain.

You’ve heard the expression fish stink from the head down.
The same is true for when you have a good or bad leader.

As a group of players who were warriors on the field
off the field, we followed Coach’s direction off the field as well.

Trouble is when people get good. When they are
tremendously successful they feel they are better than others.
Feeling as if their schisse doesn’t stink.

BUT in a way they are insecure.
Because when someone is insecure, they treat others how
they expect to be treated — poorly.

When someone walks with the stride of a champion
they treat others with the respect they expect in return.

You can try this tomorrow. When you are in an elevator with a group
of people — stand tall knowing there is something special about

When you are in a crowd and other people gossip
about others, stay true to yourself and keep your lips shut.

One thing I’ve learned, steer clear of those
who talk smack. ‘Cause chances are great
they “smack talk” you when you turn your back.

It’s a simple truth. Like loose lips that sink ships, trashy lips don’t know
when to shut up.

I used to work with a group of artists that always
made fun of another one in the group. But only the cowardly
way — behind his back.

They poked fun at how he was always sticking his
neck on the line to move himself and his career
forward. Even though his talent level wasn’t the greatest.

Sure, he didn’t have half the talent they did.
Yet, he had double the desire and determination to make
something out of himself and his art.

In my mind he is the champion. He will succeed.

Walk with the champions and focus on what you want
to bring into your life. By doing this you leak zero energy
for your vision. Plus, you feel good about yourself and
when you feel good about yourself
and your future — you achieve your dreams.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

P.S. Champions walk with swagger. Do the exercises
to keep yourself it top physical shape.
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and watch how your life changes before your very eyes.

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