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Start Fast, Kick SS

This time of year many people have
holiday thoughts on their mind.

Thats fine for the average Joe.
But not you.

Since you are signed up for my newsletter,
you are automatically set into a different class – all its own.

People who are all about results have something else
floating round dhere noggin this time-o-year.
They are excited as heck to bring in 08.

Looking back on 2007 brings great feelings to mind.
I have much gratitude and appreciation for
what I have achieved and learned along the way.
At the same time, I am looking to use that momentum from 07
to propel myself into 08.

And you are too.

For those who set goals … most believe that in order
to reach their goal/dream they are faced with a mountain to climb.

I dont picture it that way.

And before I explain myself, let me share a little diddy…

A few weeks ago, I got sideline passes to the
Bowling Green – Toledo game.
Was great to be back on the sod in that energy.

BG smashed ‘em. It was interesting to hear
the common battle cry from coaches
and many of the players.

That phrase was “Start Fast.”

BG came out of the gates and stuck it to them.
They never let up, either.. putting a smack down on the
Rockets 37-10 or something.. i really dint count
after the 3rd TD spread.

They built up momentum, like a bolder crashing
down a mountain and rolled right over em.
And by the end of the game – they had killed the will of
the Rockets. All from STARTING FAST.

Although they didnt let up, in the end, it took less of their energy
to drive the nail in the coffin.

Now this might not seem like a big huge aha to
achieve success. But then again- it is.

And if you are sick of the football metaphors…
lets look at Olympic skiing. Thats opposite and random enough – right.

The whole key to a great finish is a GREAT start. Its critical.
That’s why racers practice that over and over and over again!

You can apply the same principle to your health in 08.

Jump all over your goals like a light weight boxer
hearing the “ding, ding” to start the round.
By doing so, you will succeed and it will take less of your
effort and focus towards the middle and end of the year.

So prep NOW, so you can hit the ground running
come January, 1. And make this year the best ever.

And you are NOT climbing a mountain. You are skiing
down it towards your finish line. THAT is the image
to hold in your mind.

Now, with all this success juice runnin through your veins …
what are you to do. Where do you start.

Well, thats a darn good question.

In about a week, I have a Christmas gift for you.
This gift will be your launch-pad to blast OFF on.

I am jacked to share it witch ya.

Make sure to Stay tuned.

Unleash You,

Vincent Palko

Ps. Learn fitness success from a man who has lived the
experience of a champion and has not borrowed the knowledge
or just talked about it. Do so by going here NOW ….

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