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Steve Jobs and the Lucky Farm

Most people think successful people are lucky.

I believe, “Success comes to those with lucky feet that move forward.”

Heres what I mean. Let me tell you a couple stories.
First one dates back to the college days playing for BG.

Twas a cold spring afternoon. We just finished
a Monday film session and then a quick team meeting.

Coach Blackney made some announcements.
He then said, “Oh, I have a job opportunity here
if anyone wants it. Says, its a farmer looking
for help for the summer. If anyone is interested, let me know”

Well, naturally, NO ONE in the room (all 80 guys) wanted to do hard labor
for some farmer. No one wanted to get up at the crack of dawn, milk the cows,
bail some hay, plow a field or what ever else a farmer needs
assistance with. On top of that, then have to report
to summer weight training at the stadium after a full day of
hard labor.

No sir.

Soon summer came. We all got jobs.
I tore off and replaced old roofs. Not the easiest jobs
while in the blazing hot summer sun. Then afterwards showing
up at the weight room to lift and run. By the end of the day
I was spent. Just like everyone else.

Most everyone. Except Matt Malaney.

Not him. He would stroll into the gym after parking
his nice company car. Then change out of his
dress clothes and into his gym gear. He’d have plenty of energy
to reach new gains on his bench and squat — week in
and week out.

After a few weeks of this, some of us picked up on
his consistent strength gains.

I wallked up to him and said, “Hey Matt, what do you do all day?
Do you have a summer job or is daddy footing the bill so you can
improve your game?”

“I work. I work just like you, man,” he said.

“Ooh yeah, what do you do.”

“I work for an agriculture chemical outfit.
I get in my company car, drive over
to different farms and make sure workers are laying down the right
chemicals on the crops. I make my rounds in the air-conditioned
car the owner gave me. Its nice cause I only have to hit
a couple farms a day in my area and then my day is essentially done.”

“Thats one cushy job. You lucky bastage.
How did you get it,” I inquired.

“Well, do you know that farm job coach told us
about back in spring– I was the only one who walked up to
coach afterwards, called the guy and immediately got the job.”

I was thinking – great paying job, in AC all day.
Reserving energy to exercise later.

D’oh! “I coulda, shoulda, woulda,” I thought.

Heres another story that
will make sense once I wrap all this up.

I was reading a book about Steve Jobs – founder of Apple.
In it, one little story revealed how Steve had a knack
for working smart not hard at an early age.

In high school gym, he have to run around the track
for conditioning. Early in the morning there was a lot of
fog theyd have to run in. He and a friend, who were not athletic,
would get out of distance of the teacher mostly due to the fog
and simply sit. When the others would loop around they
get back in line jogging with everyone. He’d do half the work
but get credit for all the work.

Some of you may think. Thats not fair. He’s lazy and bucking the system.
Yet, its an example of working smart not hard.
Not everyone can be an exercise enthusiast or a jock.
You have to play to your assets. In this case as the friend
said, “I never would have thought of that. Steve did though.” He used his head.

And I think we all know where this mindset led Steve.

Both stories above bring me to the discussion of running long distance
for an hour versus getting the job done in a third of the time, jumping rope.

You have to be part Steve Jobs and learn how to work smart not hard.
After a lifetime of constant – hard work – messages sent to your brain,
we feel its cheating if we dont.

Its not.

Jumping rope will cut your exercise time in half
but you will get credit for the full amount of exercise time.
You will leave each session recharged, uplifted and ready
to take on any challenge that stands in your way.

And you also have to be part Matt, in the first story.

Matt put his preconceived notions aside about farming
and simply took action. He took a few steps towards the front
of the room and said YES to coach. And found a gem.

While 79 other guys (self included) walked out of the room.

There are countless other fitness systems out there to get you fit.
But you have to make a decision and decide which one
resonates best with you.

This program is not for everyone. I know. There are many
people out there turned off by the whole macho, linebacker
mystique. Others dig it.

In either case, the ones that step forward and say YES
- will be rewarded. Just as Matt was.
Those people may even be envied by friends
and family by your results – just as I envied the cushy job.

If this interests you, all you have to do is take your lucky step
towards supreme health by visiting …
and grab the gem thats waiting for you.

Best regards,

Vince Palko

For a list of all my daily POWER THOUGHTS be sure to visit…

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