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Stop counting reps and do this

I enjoyed watching the Eastern division playoffs
the other night when the Cavs came from behind
to put a woopin’ on Atlanta.  Lebron simply kicked
major league ass.

Yes, I might lose some readers after
that last comment, but it was well worth it
to get my point across.

Anything he wanted to do, he did.

In the interview after the game
he was asked a certain question
that garnered a response of, “Well, this is
what its all about the NBA playoffs.
Its what I think about when I’m training
hard in the offseason.”

Stop. Stop right there.

Its what he “thinks about in the offseason.”

That smells to me a little like our good friend visual-me-zation.


Think time.

Or whatever the heck you feel comfortable callin it.

So while others are thinking about
getting through their workouts, Lebron is picturing
soaring over dudes to slam it for two or draining
a fade away jumper.  He is picturing making a difficult shot with
three guys are trying to trap him.

He devotes thinking time while his body is training.

He is not focused on his training.

His mind is somewhere in the future while his body
trains in the studio.

So that begs teh question.

What do you think about when you train.

Do you focus on the number of reps and trying
to beat your previous best, or is your mind dreaming.

I go against what most trainers advise you to do.

The reps are NOT as important as where your mind is.

Project yourself into the future and its only natural
your body follows. Its kinda like the Stretch Armstrong
cartoons wherein his head would take off 50 yards in
front of him, go around a corner and then eventually
his body would catch up.

Lead your body with the thoughts you keep
in your mind.  See the thinner you. See the healthier
you. See the stronger you.

Stop counting reps.

Stop beating your personal best.

All that will follow when you focus your mind
on a healthier, stronger, more vibrant you!
Only, there wont be any struggle with the way
I am teaching.

Get after it!

Ciao for now,

Vince Palko

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