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Stop Thinkin So Damn Much

Was watching Seinfeld being interviewed
on Charlie Rose the other night. This counted as my one hour average
of boob tube a week. That is unless a 3 hour Browns game is on Sunday.

Jerry is a genius. I like his approach.

At one point, Charlie was throwing
a ton of questions at Jerry asking how
he put together his show. How he puts together
his acts and so on. What do you think of this..
and how do you think of that.

Jerry, came back with … “I DONT THINK Charlie. I try
not to think too much. Thats what gets you in trouble
sometimes. I like to keep it simple and NOT think.
Thats whats made me successful.”

It got me thinking of most people being
overwhelmed with all the fitness options out there.

This is often the reason why they dont
take the first step down any path at all.

Do I join a gym or do I invest in a course
I can have at my finger tips at any point
during the day.

To add to the confusion, so many so called experts have courses
on kettlebells, ceiling ropes, weights, sand bags, bean bags,
dumbells, smart bells and so on.

Sometimes I get confused as to which
is the best option to choose next.

I like going into shops where there are a
few high quality options to choose from. Give me a selection
of 5 or 6 coats. Not 15-20. I dont like being overwhelmed
or having to think too much. I dont have time to sit around
trying them all on. And I’ll probably go elsewhere.

One of the reasons my clients enjoy Linebacker Fitness
is because its so simple, yet so effective.

You dont have to count reps

You dont have to change out weights

You dont have to jog for hours until your shins get fried

You dont have to have ten different items around you while you exercise

You dont have to have open wall space to set up a contraption

You dont have to touch sweaty, germ infested equipment from other people

You simply open your LB box, pull out rope, start spinnin and let your mind
focus on nothing. Its hypnotic in its nature. And allows
for your mind to clear and focus for the rest of the day.

Many people watch my LB Fitness DVDs and almost go into a trance
by watching the rope spin around me.

Then when they pull the rope out for themselves,
they find its easy to twirl on and on — not stopping.

Recently, one client, Dr. Trevor shared with me he took it
to a seminar and every morning in his room would
spin away only for several minutes.

Then by the time he came down to breakfast
he found his energy was 30% higher than those
eating around him. His system was fired up on a higher level.

When he first started he was able to do about 3 minutes straight
and now is up to 15 or more. Patient persistence is what he attributes it to.

Its a simple exercise that allows you the ability
to grow into it and eventually add a thousand different

So grab this course before the next Volume launches
and it will no longer be packaged as a single item. I’m thinking you’ll only be able to
get it in a bundle.

So jump start your fitness program this holiday season
with a simple program. AND jump your way to a fitter you!

You’ll have loads of energy and fun along the way too.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. When you are ready to perform some specific fitness
routines… I have a “goof proof” system already laid out for you.
There are 8 different exercise routines. These LB Fitness cards
are 5.5″ x 8″ and perfect because you
can pick a set of exercises, drop the card to the ground and still read
what the next exercise is from a standing position.

Everything has already been created for you.

So visit the LB link NOW

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