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The Bad Guy Lost

I’m so elated right now. The other day I was pissed
but now I’m pumped. Another scum bag foiled.

Let me explain.

For anyone who has ever been mugged,
had something stolen, been phished, been robbed -
you will appreciate this story.

Banks these days can be a pain in the royal keister
when it comes to security. I mean, you have to provide
so much information if you ever go onto another computer
to do your banking. When you call your bank on the phone they ask you every question under the sun and it feels more like an interrogation processs than a routine banking request.

Well, today I am loving them. The other day, my bank detected
some mysterious activity happening  on my card.
They called me right away and asked me if I made certain purchases out of state.

“Uhh… no, I don’t believe so,” as my memory scanned the last 24 hours.

Okay then we’ll put a stop on the card.
Your card has been compromised.

“How do you know.”

“Well, usually this is what happens.
They make a purchase for something small
to see if you notice. Then if you don’t.
They go for the whopper.”


The problems that confront us just grew by one.

This got me thinking about protecting
yourself using fitness.

When you exercise everyday in essence you protect yourself just like the
technology the banks have to foil the bad guys/gals.

You protect yourself from swallowing harmful medications,
like blood pressure pills. You protect yourself from
endless doctor visits and escalating healthcare co-pays
and premiums that come out of your pocket.

You protect yourself from nagging pain
that seems to arises out of no where.

You might not see your progress on a daily basis all the good you are doing for yourself. However, as you stick
with it and continue over the long haul – you will
notice when others complain to you about their health
problems. Yet, you are feeling fine.

Exercising is anything from a walk to skipping rope,
to body weight exercises. To doing pushups
with your kids on your back and wrestling with them.
And if you must pump iron, then thats your prerogative.

Now a couple resources for you to explore:

- Combat Conditioning Charts
- Super Body Blitz

- Linebacker Fitness
I just received a quick note from Dr. Wade
this AM saying how he enjoys Linebacker Fitness …
“It has been great to workout in the garage
and am seeing great results! Thanks!”

Start protecting yourself from the harmful
ways of unhealthy habits and live life to its fullest.

Its easy to do. A simple decision is all that has to be made.
Do it now, your friends and family – will see a difference immediately.

All for now.

Vince Palko

P.S. The clock has been reset and if you still want in
on these charts you can do so – but you wont get the
price promised before. Go here now…

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