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The Cure for Childhood Obesity

As parents, we want our kids to grow up
healthy, strong, and smart…

… not fat, out of shape, and lazy.

Now I dont think every kid who is large
is in trouble of becoming a statistic.
I was considered fat as a kid growing up…
yet I was always active.

Luckily, I grew up with a Dad who dropped everything
if I asked him to throw the football with me in the back yard.

Sometimes on Sundays he had work to
do to get ready for the week.

Even so, we (his kids) had an uncanny knack of convincing him
to forgo his work for some fun.

Since I loved spending time with him and
loved the sport of football – my passion for the sport grew exponentially.

Stay with me as I tie this back into fitness and health.

If you have checked the stats lately…
our young kids are growin fatter by the second.

And its up to us to lead by example and give
them opportunities to enjoy exercise.

The other night, my three amigoettes (girls) and I hit
the high school field wherein I walked them through
the Super Body Blitz.

We did Lombardis.

We ran the bags.

We hit the blocking sled.

We did five yard sprinters mixed
with “Hit Its.”

We did the linebacker.  (Picture all three in perfect stair step heights)

Then come forty minutes later -
everyone was still engaged and smiling.
And taking coaching.  They ate it up.

Wow. Aint a better site to see.

I’ve been proud of things I’ve done in
the past but to see your kids associate
exercise with a fun and big grins … man,
it doesnt get any better, baby.

This shows you that if kids – short attention span
and all- can enthusiastically perform the drills …

… Imagine what the Super Body Blitz could do for you.

Its fun,

its fast,

its hot,

its effective.

Even Vivian, my 2 year old, rallied from
a knock down by her older sister… and finished strong
by running fast through the line on the last 5 yard sprint.

There is something about the fall air, the
smell of dirt and grass mixed with sweat -
that I’ll always appreciate.

Thanks Dad.

Now its time to pass it on to our kids.
And I slot myself in there as well.

We can take a bite outta childhood obesity one kid at a time.


Vince Palko

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