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The Good and Bad in Virginia

Let me first start off by saying my thoughts and prayers are with anyone on this list who may known a victim or friend/family member of a victim from the shootings in Blacksburg earlier this week.

I’ve read a couple of newsletters from folks who have talked about
this horrendous act against innocent victims.

Here’s my take.

As a result of this — I have hugged my daughters a little longer, listened a little closer and carved out more time to be with them.

Over the last 6 years, my nightly ritual before lopping off to sleep is to visit each child in slumber. This is a great way to erase the stress from the day and go to bed in a “good feeling” state.

Ever seen an image of a kid sleeping. It is the most peaceful relaxing image you’ll ever see.

So room to room I go pulling up covers that might have been kicked off or just give thanks for having them in my life. Or to simply get in good state of mind before retiring for the night.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Georgia’s room. I had to run out of the room and grab my sketch pad because of how she was positioned. This one was a classic. Her pose captures what a child looks like in slumber (if you dont already have kids). And this what I drew..

She likes to sleep with a binky still and puts her arm in the crevice of her armpit for comfort. I know someday she will grow out of this but this “illo” will show her in the future how she once was.

Sketching my kids helps me appreciate them.. But so does reading to them. And actively listening.

Life passes us by. Take time to smell the roses.

And that is the good that has come out of this week.
I think parents all over this country would agree that they have been “present-in-the-moment” soaking in their children as a result of the shootings.

I think its natural to find someone to point your finger in times like this. Yet, successful people dont worry, fret or complain about things out of there control though. They know its a waste of time and energy.

Focus on what you can control. Choose to appreciate life more and the people who you have along side on your journey.


Vince Palko

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