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The Law of a Crystal Clear Vision

The other day I watched a Brian Tracy video.

In the clip he said, “All you need to do to raise your self confidence,
your self esteem and your level of attainment high is to have an absolute
crystal clear goal and work on it every single day.”

One way of creating a “crystal clear” goal or dream
is to draw it out on paper much like an
architect does before the construction process begins on
a house or a building.

Paint a picture in your mind first, then put it to
paper. This is the perfect way to keep you motivated.

And to communicate with your subconscious to
activate the Law of Attraction.

My college professor once told me that anything can be created
in the form of a 3 dimensional object as long as you can
draw what’s in your mind out on paper.

I believe that is true also for not only creating something from
nothing as sculptors do but for activating the law of attraction as well.

Some time ago, one member after seeing my Personal Power Blue Print
in my Success Newsletter contacted me to create his own Blue Print.

He shared on the phone that, “The image you drew of what
you wanted to do back then – YOU ARE NOW DOING it.”

“Yes, isnt that something,” I grinned.

So we worked together to create his vision of a better life.
Now you might think better means more money.

No, Steve has a job that pays him well. He wants freedom.
He is a stock trader on Wall Street and has little time for
his 5 girls. Count em 5. I thought I was outnumbered at home.

Anyway, he wanted to continue to serve his company
as he had done successfully in the past.

At the same time he wanted to begin building a better
life for him and his family.

Here is the Personal Blue Print Sketch I created for him.

I cover off way more details of constructing his Blue Print
drawing and what went into it in this month’s edition of the
Success Rocket Ride newsletter.

What would you do if you knew you couldnt fail.
Reply to this email and share with me what your dream is.
I look forward to reading them.


Vincent Palko

P.S. If you would like to work with me,
The Architect of Personal Achievement,
to create your own PERSONAL BLUE PRINT, the pre-requisite
is to be a member of my Success
Rocket Ride Club. To sign-up, go to …

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