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The Lazy Way to Increase Energy

There are many things we are taught as
youngin’s that we need to learn in order to grow.
We are taught to walk, talk, get dressed and so on.

Conversely, there are many things we DO NOT need to learn
in order to grow. These involuntary actions are
how to swallow food, how to sneeze and how to breathe.

I was on a plane ride back from Florida a
while back sitting next to a Triathlete. He was amazed at
someone my size competing in them as well. I was
practically twice his size.

He looked me head to toe after I returned from
the latrine and asked, “How does someone your size go the distance?”

“Its all in the breathing,” I said.

Generally, when I talk to people about how to breathe
they almost always respond with,
“Yeah, I know how to breathe.”

My comment is, “We ALL know how to breathe – we’re born breathing.
Yet, breathing to sustain life and breathing to
increase ENERGY and Endurance are two different things.”

That’s why endurance athletes are amazed when
they apply my breathing techniques
to their training. Their energy increases rapidly
from several breathing patterns to add to
their endurance arsenal. And in minimal amounts of time.

Meaning, if they start 3 minutes into the race 6 minutes
later they can feel the energizing effects already hit them.
It instantly wipes out any soreness, and Charlie Horses vanish.

The good thing is that you don’t have to experiment with
how to do the breathing exercises, I walk you through all of these.
These techniques are included along with 6 other
endurance secrets to boost your stamina in
Triple Your Endurance.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

P.S. Here is a comment from a DOER who has put TYE to use.

“Hi Vince, I haven’t gotten to Linebacker Fitness yet, but Triple Your Endurance
is a great product — from the workout schedules to the breathing excises.
I thought I knew how to breathe, until I tried your techniques on the CD. What a
difference breathing properly makes. I’m also practicing Hindu squats, and
getting ready to start on the Hindu Squat Goal Tracker.”


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