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The "Ole’ Bessie" Visualization – Illo

Todays message applies to your fitness if you let it in.
Without a doubt it will get you thinking SUCCESS – big time.

Some of you know that I lived in Germany for several years
after I graduated college from ’95- ’98.

Boy, what an experience.

The other day, I was sitting in my favorite leather chair thinking about
one apartment, called a flat over there, that I lived in.

It was on the fifth floor.

My neighbor was the landlord who spoke
pretty good English. A super great guy he was.
He helped me with many things.

One of them was that dog gone coal burning stove
that gave me fits, I quickly renamed it “Ole’ Bessie”.

Ole’ Bessie gave me heat during the cold winters months in Hamburg.
She ran on medium sized coal briquettes. Talk about 20th century
advances… NOT. That wasnt the only thing that was behind the times there.

The internet was exploding over here and in Europe it was about 3 years behind.
I had to go to a secret location – at this computer geek’s flat — to send emails back
to my girl friend who lived in the states. The email I sent from looked something like this…

It felt like I was working for the CIA just to transmit and receive an email.

But I also felt like Rocky training over in Russia with non of the accoutements
of modern living. It made the experience fun.

Anywho, there I was lugging up big bags of coal briquettes -
up six flights of stairs. The coal man would drop off a dump truck sized
load in the cellar of the apartment complex.

As I walked those stairs, I remembered thinkin, this is what it
must have felt like in the pioneer days… when the Poney Express was in its heyday.

It was a shock to a guy who grew up with a gas furnace
and never thought twice about where heat came from.

So when I’d go to bed I’d load Bessie up with about 10-15
briquettes hoping it would get me through the night. That never happened.
About 5 am the coal would run out and the place would be teeth-chattering frigid.
- even under 4 thick German blankets.

“Ole’ Bessie” was tricky too. Every now and then, she would get backed up if ever
there wasnt a good draft going up the “flew pipe” leading to the outside.
And when that happened, LOOK OUT. Thick black smoke would pour back into my kitchen.
So in the dead of winter, I would have to open the windows
wide open to clear out the smoke.

Fickin… as the Deutschers would say.

To keep the place continually warm, I would get up at 5am to fill her up.
And again if I was home on the weekend–
every 4 hours. A pain in my ass it was.

But it became a part of the routine.

So there I was in my chair thinkin about it the other day, smiling.

Then I gots to thinking… “Ole’ Besse” is a lot like your mind
and success. You have to continually fill it with the fuel to
power your dreams. The wood and coal
are the thoughts about achieving what you want.

I have illustrated a quick sketch of what I am describing in

Keep filling that warm furnace with
your thoughts for success. LET THE INTENTION GET RED HOT.
See and feel the heat of that desire radiate from inside your mind
and heart and glow against your skin.

See the smoke rising above you just like a smoke signal
communicating with the outside world to attract
people, places, events and experiences into your life to support your dream.

And keep the “flew pipe” open to send out the vibes
into the universe.
Otherwise, the energy gets backed up
and never rises high into the universe.

And if your intention is to get more fit… Well, imagine
the fuel is large chunks of lard from your body
you are throwing into the fire. See yourself burning away
all the excess poundage easily and effortlessly from your bod.

So pin this “illo” up on your computer to remind yourself
to do this several times a day. Never let your fire go out.

One of the best parts about this practice is when
you put it to exercises like Linebacker Fitness
you can actually FEEL heat and steam rising from your noggin.

This will connect your imagination with reality — sending
out even more powerful energy into the “universe” and
all around yourself to attract success to you.

If you do nothing else, simply focus on putting thoughts in your mind
about success. See the fire get bigger. Keep adding fuel (thoughts)
to it. And if the fire dies down, pepper it with even more success pictures.

The other day I realized this process of thought peppering
my mind consistently has brought me what I want on
countless occasions. Anything from muhney to improved
endurance and strength to a lean body.

You can do the same.

Unleash your endurance,

Vince Palko

Ps. The days of the visual (at no charge) are coming to an end.
There will be an exclusive group
formed that will have access to my mind and art skills
to bring their dream to life — in a way no other website on
the net can offer. Covering off in much more
in detail and giving you a monthly meditation to focus on
as well. So stay tuned.

And after you use todays visual — let me know what you think,
so I can spread the news to the masses!

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