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The Palkoholics Promulgation

What the “h” double hockey sticks … is a Palkoholic

Got an email from a member that must be a newbie… she was rubbed
the wrong way bout the reference to the word – Palkoholic.

Here is what she wrote … “Is this some sick reference to an Alcoholic.
I am on your list but I have never touched a drink before in my life.
My father was an alcoholic for many years. Your comment directed towards me – turned me off.”

Well, okeey dokeey. Smokey.

Let me clear up any negative energy floating out there
on the name — Palkoholics. If one has
a question, perhaps another hundred do as well.
And I do tend to drop this into my letters often.

First, YES this is a reference to a certain kind of addict.
But not a druggie. Or a “weirdee” (as Gus, Mickey Rooney, says in the movie – Night of the Museum).

This reference is in regards to people who are the opposite.
Who are taking life by the bag, not holding a bag. The doers.
The ones who “get after it” …. as I like to say.

Let me give you the definition of a Palkoholic.

Palksters dictionary (not Websters) defines it as such:

Palkoholic: (Pal-kOh-hoL-ic) A member of the Vincent Palko’s
newsletter community who exemplifies commitment to the cause by improving their life incrementally step-by step, bit by bit. They believe that reason the tortiouse beat the hare is she kept moving. These individuals never give up their pursuit and dream for excellence. They experiment with their imagination to achieve great success… higher than they ever imagined.

Their biggest room they know of is the ROOM for improvement. Their insatiable thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and visual inspiration
allows their dreams to be weaved
right before their eyes. They take feedback graciously
and see it as an opportunity to reflect
and grow. Not as anything negative or hurtful.

Furthermore it states… These individuals are
underdogs… people may not have the greatest abilities,
talent, or smarts. Yet, make up for that with grit, moxy, determination, and drive… These such individuals never
get enough inspirational energy sent their way. “

So there you have it … our first draft of the Palkoholics Promulgation
if you will. Been a long time coming… if you would like
to add anything — feel free to email me and we’ll modify.
I am a man of the people.

Now, lets make today a gargantuan grrr-eat one.

Vincent Palko

Ps. The Palkoholics who have invested in my NEWEST product my Rocket Ride Success Club … will get a first hands glance at how I generate idea after ideas.
Ideas to make more money, ideas to enhance my business and to stay fit
mentally and physically — all at the same time.
This will kick the year off with a BANG because after all… its not
working twice as hard that opens the door to prosperity… its the idea you hold in your hand. This tool you will want in your hands at the beginning of the year
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