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The Work Crash Bitch

Know a lawyer gal who comes home from work and crashes – then bitches.

Every time we talk I hear her complain about how tough her day was and little energy she has.

Once 6 o’clock rolls around – she’s done, finished, kapuut.

To make matters worse she’ll even eat dinner while the sitting in front of the tube. I know because when I call she’s eating with the News on TV blaring in the background.

Truth is, this is one of THE worst things you can do. Why. Your mind gets
distracted and you tend not to know if you are full or not. There are so many messages being sent to the brain in a span of a 5 minute block of TV time. It’s virtually impossible
to be in conscious state to know when to say when.

Soon days turn into weeks and weeks into months and then years.
Before you know it, you’ve packed on some serious poundage and your energy
has plummeted to the basement.

It is very easy to allow your mind to drift from what its supposed to be
doing which is enjoying the meal and the digestive process that

Turn off the TV and put the computer on sleep mode. At least if you are looking to drop a few pounds and raise your energy juices.

On top of that, bitching about being tired – won’t give you MORE energy. If anything, you’re telling your mind to be MORE tired.

You have to plan your day to include Seven of my Secrets to Skyrocket your Energy. Found in my multiple CD course Triple Your Endurance.

If you focus on just one area for a month you are sure to at least double your energy.

And these exercises are NOT focused on poppin a magic powder or pill.
They are real everyday exercises and tips to Keep energy levels UP for the long haul.

Next time I talk to my friend, I’m going to give her an ear full of no excuse tips to kick her butt off the couch and be ten times more productive with her day.

Until then, do the best YOU can do to have a full and productive life starting with my course.

No Retreat, No Surrender,

Vince Palko

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