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Think and Burn Calories

Well, last night the girls and
I were all jacked for the big game.

OSU vs. USC.

Sophia suggested we camp out
watching the game on our living room
floor in front of the big screen.

I gave the idear two thumbs ups.

So snacky-snacks we a flowing.
More on that in a bit.

After the first two USC touchdowns, all three zonked out.
Reference photo above.

I hung in there thinking anything can
happen on any given Saturday.

And another maxim – “Its not how you start, its how you finish.”

However, the Bucks looked
beleaguered and bamboozled-
unsure how to recover
and come back.

Perhaps, I should have closed ‘er
down when the goils did.

USC’s dee-fense swarmed like hornets
and blasted the bucks. And didnt let them
up to even breathe.

So back to the snacky snacks.

Funny, an older gent, while in
line to buy some snacks for the game earlier
that eve tapped me on the shoulder
and said, “A moment on the lips – forever on the hips.”

I slowly turned back around and said,
“Shoot, I’ll burn this off in my sleep.”

“Well, I want to see what kind of program
you are on,” he replied.

Programs … ? Well, check …
Super Body Blitz
Linebacker Fitness

First off, I am not a woman.
Nothing goes to my hips so
what the heck was he thinking.

Second, when you are burnin calories
faster than a white hot wood burning stove -
you need not worry about treating yourself
every once in a while.

When you are moving your body daily,
you enjoy snacks and dont beat
yourself up for munching them.

Myself, I personally like the Michael Phelps
aproach and not counting calories like
Richard Simmons or the Weight Smatchlers

Get up, get burning and go to bed
sleeping like a baby during a thunderstorm.

And dont let someone rain on your picnic.
Program your mind by affirming simple phrases when the party
spoilers come up behind you.

Do it by taking the first step,
step up and grab the irresistible offer
- the 5 easy payments
on the Palko Power Combo Pack.


Vince Palko

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