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Time is Running Out

When I was little, I was a huge Rocky fan.

And after watching the first movie with my daughter
the other night – it was her idea -  I realized how inspirational
that flick was for me.

I could feel the motivation welling inside – yet again.
I was instantly transported back in time.

As a kid, I always thought I was trying hard enough to play
the sport I loved.  Yet, after watching the training sequences
in the boxing movie, I learned there was always room to push myself.

All from watching another person show me it was possible.

Back then we didnt have access to information
as we do today.  I never really read training books or manuals
in a library.  I had better things to do… like play outside.

Yet Rock always jacked me up.  And set new parameters
in my mind for training. This was back in grade school and high school.

Since then, I have been around the world and have learned from
some of the greatest strength and conditioning coaches.
I always felt that my personal program is second to none.

Until I had a new “I CAN PUSH IT MORE” moment.

Last October, I met a man named Dan Gable.
Dan is the legendary coach for the Iowa wrestling squad.

To hear him speak about his fitness training and success
changed the way I think of my training – even to this day.

One story of coach Gable I heard was … he chose to exercise
in the middle of the night after his flight got in at 3 am.
At the hotel that night he made his way into the closed
pool area to do water sprints.  Now thats commitment.

Bang, instant inspiration – for me.

And to shake hands and talk with coach was such a pleasure.

Besides enduring a rough childhood, becoming
a world champion athlete, and then coaching young men to be champs,
there was something else about coach that I admired.

Matthew Furey and I were talking later that night about how
coach would ask to train with Matthew back in college.  The average person
hearing this may or may not think this is a BIG deal.  But to me, hearing
your coach wants to train with you means… the guy is
open to learning new training styles and techniques.

This brings new meaning to the old phrase having an “Open Door Policy.”

Many coaches say they have this.  But to many its just talk.

Champions always want to learn more. They always want to improve.
And that is the approach taken by winners.  To adopt this style
will improve your life and make you more successful.

This is a sliver of the life changing principles you ll receive when
you attend the Get Tough seminar.

Now will you get to coach Gable’s fitness level after hearing him speak.
No.  However, you will improve where YOU currently are.
And that is what we are looking for.  A 1% increase
everyday can improve your life drastically over a year’s time.

You do not want to miss Matthew Furey,
Coach Gable and  and several other inspirational speakers
at Matthew Furey’s Get Tough Seminar.

I have been asked to be one of the speakers in the line-up.

And if you enjoy my daily emails, you will enjoy
what I have to share on motivating yourself
to move everyday.

The link to sign up before its too late is…

Run over and grab a seat before the price goes up.


Vincent Palko

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