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Too Damn Short

I would like to enlist your support.

First, though, let me clear my throat!

Life is just too damn short.

I look at people who hold grudges
and I am perplexed as to why.

Write this person off – write that person off
for certain things they did in their life.

Someone very close to me does this all
the time, and I just dont understand her.

I’ve tried to see the opposite side of
the coin -put myself in her shoes to see it as she does
but it still baffles me.

Last week, I received an email from a friend
saying one of my team doctors from college fell off
a ladder and is in the Intensive Care Unit.  He is not
in very good condition. He has a fractured scull.

His name is Dr. Barker. And you’ll never meet a
nicer guy – who likes to help people.

Now I have a particular place in my heart for Dr. B.
because he and another doctor were the ones I
got to know fairly well.  The reason was because
of my schnoz.

You see, the bridge of my  nose would slice open
in the course of my career because of
the front pad in my helmet. This happened after I’d tackle
and bring someone to the turf.  And some 478 tackles later
my nose would crack open quite a bit.

So much that Dr B would have to stitch it
up again and again. Some 15 times in my time at BGSU.

One time, he cranked the wound down and I trotted back on the
practice field only to split open yet again.
When I walked back into the trainers room, with a slight grin
he shook his head, joked with me saying it looked
like a piece of raw flesh, and then grabbed his stapling device.

He helped me and a slew of other young athletes
through the years.

So now its time to help him.

Anyway, you have been
great about sending healing thoughts for things
in the past.  So if you can please send them to
the hospital in Toledo – that would be great.

I dont do this often – so you know this means a lot to me.

And I would like to print off as many responses as I can
to give to Dr. B and his family.  This is a powerful and moving
experience to know that people all
over the world are pulling for you. Thanks to you,
my family and I experienced this last summer!

When you reflect on how short life really is
and how in a moments flash your life could change,
“put it in perspective” is not what comes to the surface.

Its that life is too damn short to get caught up
in the drama. The drama that wastes time, and keeps
you from achieving that in which you were placed
on this earth to do.

Get busy creating and living life. And burry the hatchet.


Vincent Palko

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