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Unconventional Winter Workout

Here’s a workout for you
but I’m afraid its days are numbered.

Last weekend, my daughters and I built a snow fort.
Yes, I’m tired of the snow
much like everyone else in the neighborhood.

However, we decided to put all that
white powder to use like a kid molding Play-Doh®.

We built the largest snow creature in
the neighborhood. It resembles a mixture between
a shark and a sea dragon.

And to do so, we rolled several 150lb
snow balls in place to complete the structure.

You can check it out here on Vince’s Facebook page.

Anyway, this workout was great because
it was like flipping large truck tires.

Cept these large objects, the size of a nine year old,
were somewhat unwieldy and more
challenging.  Shifting back and forth with
no set balance point like a truck tire. Or grip point for
that matter.

Key was to get low and drive through
the snow boulders to work the hamstrings
and quads simultaneously.

Next day, I had to do more stretching that usual
to drive out the lactic acid.

If you get an opportunity to workout in
wet, packy snow… this is the workout for you:

1) Pack a snow ball in your hands

2) Roll until boulders get 3 feet tall then go an additional 20 yards

3) Repeat four times

Work on staying low and lifting with your legs and glutes.

If the boulder gets to big, and unmovable, abandon it,
and start an entirely new one.

- When done, sprint 30 yards in 3 feet of snow ten times.

-30 seconds rest in between.

This type of exercise will build loads of strength and endurance
because its NON sport specific to anything you might typically do.

Have fun turning into a lean mean fighting machine.


Vince Palko

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