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Unusual Outdoor Exercises

Unless you are the Dalai Lama – things in
life can stress you out and frustrate you. Yes, life
creates happiness too.

How you handle the first two items – ultimately determines how
often and how much you are the last.

This month in my Success Rocket Ride
I reveal the reason why I mix
tree huggin into my meditations.

I reveal this along with many other
Unusual Outdoor Exercises to eliminate stress,
build strength and endurance – all at once.
And gives you an instant serotonin injection.

With spring around the corner – you’ll
want these tools in your belt to have when
you bust out of the stale house to enjoy spring’s wonderful fresh air.

Now, I’ve hugged trees for the last few years. If this raises one
eye brow for you, being that im a big football guy, GOOD.  I’ve
always prided myself on never fitting any mold and breaking
any current one that I’ve created – almost as soon as
its formed.

My friend Dr. Wu, who is a Chinese Medical Qi Gong Master,
added an eastern piece to my practice thats taken it over
the top. My meditation now tops anything else I do for clearing my mind and more. In this day and age… tahts huge.

I illustrated the full exercise for maximum relaxation
and meditation in this months edition of the Success Rocket Ride Club.

This meditation will melt stress from your mind. It will
dial you into source power for unbelievable reserves
of strength and energy.  You’ve gotta give it a shot.

Yes, it sounds a little out there. However, I believe
those who have a strong connection to source power
will have the edge in the future.

Please check out this page and see if the Success Club
is a fit for you.
Its not for everyone but those that join up…
love the BIG package of success programming that arrives each month.

Run over to this page to grab all your freebies
and this months edition.


Vince Palko

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