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What Da Vinci Knew about Success

My favorite artists have changed through the years.

I grew up loving.. Van Gogh and still do. But have
moved on from the focus being just on him.
Although most of his energy was depressed and negative, I liked the intense
emotional passion painted onto the canvas.

And then there is the MASTER of all masters … Michelangelo.
Need not go any further than “the David” for why he ruled the art world.
There is not another sculpture like it in history.

But someone put into a category all his own.. was the Great Leonardo da Vinci.

What makes him unique is the innate ability to balance both logic side and creativity side
of the brain. And his ability to rise above the rest in not just one area of his life.
But into several areas.

I mean this guy was a fabulous engineer, inventor, mathematician,
musician, writer, botanist, architect, and engineer just to mention
a few. He was responsible for inventing such things as the
helicopter and a tank from his concepts drawings.
Though they werent actually completed until after his life.

Not to mention he was a tremendous athlete.

And we havent even scratched the surface one one
subject either – one he is most famous for.
Da Vinci was one of the most renowned artists of ALL time with hundreds of
well known works of art. Perhaps you have heard of one of the many,
The Mona Lisa… that hangs in a museum in France.
Or maybe another The Last Supper.

The name “Renaissance man” was coined after him.
Reason being, this guy was wildly successful in not just one
area of his life but a dozen areas or more.

One factor that made him immensely successful is the ability to not
only sit and write his ideas on paper but to also illustrate them.
This act of creating mini sketches on paper was monumental.

His mind could interact with the information a whole new way. One was taking
a step back to see the big picture unfolding in front of him.
Therefore, allowing his mind to make new and unique discoveries -
ultimately excelling in the areas he was passionate about.

I enjoyed studying Da Vinci through the years and in particular
a book about him en route to Florida.

And sitting in first class with me was a lady who asked about my book.
As we got to talking she commented, “After hearing your background,
you seem like a modern day DaVinci… and its interesting you are reading a book about him.”

Huh, isnt that interesting.

Instant catalog retrieval went my 16 oz sponge between my ears.

Success in:
-working and thriving in a foreign country for several years
-authoring several books and courses
-running an amazing marketing business
-parenting 3 wonderful girls

Well, maybe my new friend was right.

And many more areas that are blossoming as I type
taking shape for the future.

Now its one thing to be an accomplished in one area
of ones life.. Like some many of the other success gurus out there.
These jokers excel in one area. These guys and gals have lopsided brains.
Yet, its an entirely different thing to learn from someone who has experienced success
multiple polar opposite categories as stated above.

This whole brain blending made it possible because what i have practiced over the last
20 some years. Its something I have boiled down
and will send you every month when you sign
up for my New Success Rocket Ride Club.

My success toolkit arrives at your door with tons of graphics and
images to stimulate your brain so it doesnt go into “sleep mode” like
so many other membership programs out there.

Run out to my website and click on this new link that describes
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Vince Palko

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