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What do you call …

What do you call a man with no arms and
no legs floating in a swimming pool.

I’d like to take people like Howard Stern, who rips on
disabled folks, and throw him into the swimming
pool with a few 100lb weights chained to his waist.

Okay, a bit harsh.

Yet if he had to walk even two inches in these people’s shoes,
he’d whimper like a little stuck pig.

So what do you call someone with no arms and
no legs floating in the swimming pool.


I saw this story come across my desk and had to pass it on to you.

From time to time, I get complaints from people that
say, they have an ache or pain and cant do certain
exercises. Or cant exercise at all.

To those, let me be frank, and give you a shot of humble pie.
And once you ve read this note, you maybe too
embarrassed to ever complain again – about anything for that matter.

Let me tell you a story about a young man.

A young man who struggled in school at a young age and got straight “Fs”

A young man who has nubs for arms and legs.

A young man who wrestles.

A young man who went from a record of 5 – 15 his
freshman year to 40-1 his senior year.

A young man who went to State and won his first match.

His name is Dustin Carter and he is 17.

Now if there was ever any inspiration in this GREAT nation- it would have
to be with Dustin. And I am proud to see it come from the
state of Ohio.

What I always wonder is how much people like Dustin
would want to walk “normal” again- without hobbling like he typically does.
How much would he like to run like everyone else does.

Or maybe he doesnt even think of that. Maybe thats
why he is so successful cause he has moved past all that.

But that’s what motivates me when I hear stories about people
like this. And if this story makes you think maybe you ought to use
your arms and legs as they were designed to be active – not passive, GREAT.
If you get up off your butt and spin the jump rope for several minutes,
then Dustin’s story was successful today.

Lastly, let’s hear Dustin’s thoughts on losing, “If I don’t win.
I at least gave it my all. If I don’t win. That person won because
he was a better wrestler. Not because he gave more effort than me.”

This quadruple amputee continues, “If I see you crying,
I have no sympathy for ya. My bottom line is go out there
and take care of it. GET IT DONE.”

Dustin, when they built you son — they broke the mold, literally.

All for now.

Unleash Your Endurance,

Vincent Palko

P.s. Put the excuses aside. Pick up your jump rope and
use those arms and legs as if you ve been given them as gifts or the first time. Oh, and if you dont have your complete jump rope ourse for beginners and novices – then trot over to

and pick up a set – NOW.

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