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What I Saw Before the Ohio State Game

What if your television or favorite movie theater played
scrolling walls of text. No pictures what-so-ever.
How much fun would that be.

Yikes, B – O – R – I – N – G

Yet, people read countless self improvement
books on various topics and go no where.

And its not that the information is bogus.
Not true. Its that your mind is not engaged
by the “info” to spark action.

Or you simply forget it and the information
disappears like a thin trail of smoke into the wind.

What if you fed your mind pictures of a future
you wanted to have. Similar to how
a new system software changes your computers
performance… this process of feeding success images
will develop new instructions for your mind to operate from.

What if by constant visual programming
you took the seemingly impossible and made it possible.

This can happen. Its happened for me several times
in my life. As a young boy, I wanted
so badly to play in front of thousands of
people in the football arena (as I’d seen on TV).
In high school – I drew a picture of what I desired most -
to play for Ohio State. At the time, I wasnt even
starting JV as a sophomore.

I didnt go to Ohio State but I do vividly recall warming up in their endzone
looking straight up at the small skyscraper
of spectators (94,000 plus) that lined the east side of
the stadium … thinking to myself… holy shit …
now thats a lot of people. This was wild and so
much more that I originally imagined – especially
as I was playing in front of them. But I had to lead my mind
for reality to follow and bring more to the scenario.

At the moment, I didnt say I created all this
for myself in the picture I drew of my aspiration.

However, several years later I DID realize this -
there are no mistakes. No happened stances …
You create the world you want. How you want it.

And this practice only applies to sports and athletics.
Hah. Just checking to see if you are still with me.
No matter how big or seemingly impossible
your dream is – this method will work.

Sadly, people are at a point in their life where
they have given up on their dreams. Some
clients give me the AGE excuse … Well, did you know
Mr Sanders started KFC at 61. Its true.

You are never to old to live your dreams.

And I want to be your enabler, your coach – every month
to encourage you to do so.

I have assembled a revolutionary resource that
arrives at your doorstep each month to download
what I have learned and applied over the last 21 years.
This information is taught not with walls of boring text but
with upbeat success oriented images scattered about
to spark your creativity and lock-in the information.

Now a picture is NOT worth a thousand words.
A picture is the bridge between your current situation
and the future you want. How much is that worth.

Tune in this month where we cover a meditation
that will have your mind explode with endless
possibilities to acquire wealth.

You’d be crazy not to find out what I cooked
up for you. This instruction will
knock your socks AND shoes RIGHT OFF.

Run over to …
and sign up NOW.

Its only a BUCK. Put the pressure on ME to deliver the goods
and if I dont you can cancel your membership. I’m a pressure
player – I luvvv that kind of challenge.

The choice is yours.


Vincent Palko

P.S. Paypal users scroll all the way to the bottom of
that page to sign up.
Yes, I have made it super simple to get started…
you dont even need a credit card handy!
This is how I shop online 90% of the time.

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