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Alex Trebek and The Cardio Blitz

I have never been a huge Alex Trebek fan,
(I think his neck tie is too tight), but today I will steal
a bit of his game to answer a question sent in about
my new Cardio Blitz Program.

One reader wanted to ask why so many experts say
their program only takes a minimal amount of time to get fit
and that this is a bunch of bull.

He was referring to what I wrote yesterday
about “The Cardio Blitz getting you fit fast.
And in only 18 minutes a day.”

Now for my Alex Trebek impersonation.

The answer is …

“The (average) time it takes for one football play.”

What is 6 seconds?

Since it only takes 6 seconds for a football play to
occur – exercises and drills are set up to be short and sweet.

Give me everything you got for just a few seconds.

Thats it.

And these short bursts are all you need to get fit and stay fit.

When you talk about functional fitness for grand living,
it doesnt get any better than this.

Functional meaning, the entire body works as a unit
to get you healthy and strong. You are hitting multiple
muscle group in these exercises. And at the same time
these exercises efficiently fit into any schedule.

Sure, the length of practice doing these drills can go on forever.
Especially if coach is ticked off saying
he’ll keep the team practicing ALL NIGHT if he has to.

However, the average person, myself included, only needs 18 minutes
to get an amazing pump and cardio blast.

Unlike running long distance, you do not
need a lot of time with The Cardio Blitz Package
because your body is NOT running:

- in one direction
- the same pace and intensity
- doing the same body movements over and over and over again!

These are the same exercise I do on soft grass
in my back yard, that dont tear of up my knees or beat up my joints.

That cant be said of typical jogging or running.
The concrete wins out every time or at least over time.

You may not be a footbrawler. But that doesnt
mean you can steal the secrets top-line athletes use
to make themselves strong, tough, and well-conditioned machines.

So get fit in the least amount of time.
Do it now, by heading over to


Vincent Palko

P.S. Sets are moving quickly so be sure to grab yours NOW …
head over to

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