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What Is A False Step

These days people want instant success and are pissed if they don’t get it within a week. Ask if they’ve set a goal and most will say, ‘Huh?’ People who have achieved great things big and small know the power of writing down a goal.

But here’s how typical planning goes for most.

A goal is written. The person stays the course for two weeks, a month but very few
last until they hit their goals.

They begin taking the right steps towards their goals but little by little there steps move a new direction away from their goal. They then become frustrated and discouraged – wondering if anything is attainable.

In sports the importance of taking the right steps is the difference between success
and failure.

“False steps” hurt you. These are slight hesitations in your body movement particularly with your feet. If you react incorrectly to your opponent wins.

In basketball if you take a false step you let a dribbler pass you for a dunk, in volleyball – your false step could let a spike fly by, in wrestling you could get in the wrong position, get taken down and pinned.

As a defensive player in football, if you take a false step, you’ll never make a play. In fact, if you take several false steps in pursuing the ball carrier, you could get walled off by a lineman and ‘thrown out of the salon’ (knocked on your butt).

In sports your reaction time has to be quick and timely.

The same is true when you are in hot pursuit of your goal.

The equivalent in life to false steps are; answering every email that comes in, skipping one inseey workout, watching an extra hour of TV instead of writing two extra pages for your new book.

By staying the course even if you do something small will increase momentum and traction towards your goal. As opposed to taking a ‘false step.’

The article could stop here. But it doesn’t, it continues.

How do you fix your personal ‘false steps.’

In college and the pros, there were countless hours of film study (where you analyzed your OWN movements) Day in, day out, coaches pointed out, “Up – see that slight hesitation>? That just cost you the play.” There was no hiding from the truth either. The eye in the sky didn’t lie.

Call it corrective feedback if you will (we need more of that in this world).

Through time and self study and DOING – my teammates and I got better. Much better.

By the end of my career I eliminated my false steps. Obliterated ‘em. Other opponents might have been bigger, faster, stronger – but no one reacted as swiftly almost robotic. Their size and strength didn’t mean diddly if I could react quicker.

The bigger and smellier you were, the more I strategically avoided you – to smash
the RB. No points are given for take downs here.

And it all comes down to making the right steps.

If you’re in HOT pursuit of a financial goal, like a better paying job, creating a best seller, or launching a dynamite website, you’ll want to secure 1 of 10 sets left of my Launch Your Self to Financial Success.

This tracking system is the next best thing to film study of yourself, unless you have ‘UN’reality TV camera follow you around. Your awareness brings about swift action – that leads productivity – that leads to boat loads of success.

Conceive of an idea worth pursuing, Believe you can reach it, and
Achieve it will all your Might.


Vince Palko

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