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What is the Secret to Life

In the movie ‘City Slickers,’ Billy Crystal is in a mid-life crisis in search of the ‘meaning’ to life. He and his friends set out on a guys week away to drive cattle with a old rancher as their guide.

This is the flick where the rancher who dies on his saddle leaving the group of friends to lead the cows across the countryside. The fellas joked about the ranchers death, ‘The man ate bacon at every meal, you just can’t do that.’

Funny flick to say the least.

The main character’s enlightenment occurs out-of-nowhere while helping a small calf in danger.

He later asks his friends while holding his finger in the air, ‘Do you know what the secret to life is.’

One guy says, ‘Your finger.’

‘No, this one thing.’

Many people are in search of finding meaning in their own lives.

They come home day after day from a tough day on the job,
frustrated, tired, fed up and desire a better life, yet have no idea
where to start. Or how to attain a better life.

The funny thing is what starts your engine might be different
from your spouses or close friends.

That’s no problem. In order to be fulfilled, you simply have to tune into what that ‘IT’ is for you.

Going for walks or jogs is a good way to clear away the stress cobwebs
from the day and allow your inner light to radiate.

Once you have some ideas on how you can start anew, write them down.

My visual goal setting tools aren’t for everyone. They align with those who
feel they are visual learners or are inspired by a picture. Most people
are fine with written goals. If written goals work for you, all the power to you.
Keep up the good work.

For me, after I read them a few times, my mind glazes over.
Similar to a soda bottle opening and closing the tenth time, there seems to be no fizz left.
When I look at a visual, something stirs inside because my imagination is awakened.
My products are tailored to those who react similarly. Maybe you are one of these people. You realize a powerful visual creates a crystal clear picture of your future aligning every cell in your body around your vision.

Once you have this working for you, you’ll never again what
the Secret to Life is. You’ll be living and breathing it every second of your life.

If this is something that interests you, I suggest you fly on over to
Financial Success Visuals.
Go there NOW to get ahold of your goal setting program and
bring a whole new meaning to new life.

Friends and family will hardly recognize you. You’ll relish in the joy
of sharing with them what the Secret to Life is.

Your finger.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vince Palko

Ps. For a never ending bursts of energy visit
Increase Energy NOw.

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