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What to Do with Winter

I was sitting down to dinner tonight with the girls
and noticed thick white fluffy flakes fallin
outside the window.

After tucking them into bed, I came down to my
front office and looked out the front double hung glass.

Another fresh blanket of snow.


Now I could be like the masses of other folks-
just miserable at the sight of it.

Quite frankly, I am not.  I know tomorrow
I will put on the ole’ schisse kickers
and head out into it for some great “loose surface” training.

And just for the record, like in the movie Talladega Nights …
that phrase “loose surface training” is trademarked by yours truly.

Wink, wink.

This is the same kind of training taught on one
of the Bonus DVD’s in my newest course, The Cardio Blitz Package.

Now what if you dont live in the snow belt.
Can you still use this power-packed DVD.

No, loose surface training pertains only to those
who live where the snow falls.  Just joking.

How about training in the sand.

Pro athletes train all the time in sand
in the off season to ratchet up
their mobility, strength and conditioning.

This routine would go perfect on
a sunlit beach about 70 degrees.
Ahhh, I can see it now.

Walter Payton used to train in sand all the time
and became a Hall of Famer.

When you train in snow, sand or gravel,
the surface is like one big exercise ball.

Have you ever used one of those babies.

The same principle applies here.  Your body has to
over-compensate for the imbalance and shifting surface,
therefore making all the muscles groove together even more as a unit.

This 18-20 minute romp in the snow
will catapult your conditioning, strengthen your muscles
and build your wind in record time. I guarantee it.

So whether you live where there are blankets of snow or
patches of sand  – matters not. What matters is you
get your hands on the Winter Wonderland Workout to get you fit
and help you train on this surface properly.
And you can thank me later when you feel on top
of the world — ready for anything life throws your way.

The snow is a fallin’ and it also is a callin’ your name.

Put those shett kickers on and get after it!

Have fun.


Vincent Palko

Ps. If you have heard enough and want to go
right to the order form click here …

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