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What To Do with Your 20 Extra Minutes

Most people, on average, workout for 30-40 minutes.

If you nodded your head to this, then
let me tell you that you could save major league time.

For example, the other day I went out
to train on the track. But not to sprint.
I like the surface for another kind of sprint of
which I’ve coined as the “Super Skip.”

If you are not familiar with these, I suggest
you pick up a copy of my red hot program
called Linebacker Fitness.

The mini series of short bursts Super Skips
lasted no more than 10 minutes.

My next 20 minutes consisted of
mental preparation and planning for the day.

Abraham Lincoln once said,”"If I had six hours to
chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

There are a lot of things you can do with the
extra 20-30 minutes.

You could spend time planning your day, like me,
while your mind is clear.

Or you could …

* Write 4-6 pages in your new book.

* Pack the car for your BASS fishing trip.
Also, 30 minutes is enough time to wax down
your boat before hand.

* You could read about 20 pages in the book you
choose to crack open.

* You could research 3-4 stocks and decide which ONE to invest in.

* You could “jesso” your canvas to begin painting your next masterpiece.

Now, can you imagine doing this over an extended period of
time. How much more you could accomplish
with 20-30 extra minutes a day–
Whilst getting more healthy and fit to boot.

My point is, Linebacker Fitness needs to be in your arsenal to
save you time and give you more time to do what makes
your life RICH and rewarding.

That’s my kind of time management. The kind that includes your interests and activities.

Plus, by the time you finish up
you’ll be able to spit nails the only way Linebackers know how to do.

Speaking of time, the TIME is NOW to get on board and start enjoying
your life – once and for all. Before the price hike goes into effect.


Vince Palko

Ps. Even if you cant SuperSkip yet, 10 minutes exercising as I suggest in the last
part of DVD 2 will suffice for a major league fat burner.

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