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What’s gonna work

I took my three girls to the park the other day and while there, some kindergarten kids chanted a funny song.

“What’s gonna work — teammmm – work!”

Over and over they did.

So my youngest, who is only two, began
emulating the Pied Piper of the little people.

“What’s gonna work — team …. work!”
(In her squeaky voice for 2 hours straight)

Now, dare I step in and tell her to stop saying that after the 67th one.

Heck no.

Its a good phrase to repeat to infinity and beyond.

One group of girls that have mastered
the whole teamwork mentality is
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. The US duo
who won gold in the women’s beach volleyball.
It was also their absurd 108th win in a row.
They’ll go down in the record books
as the best beach team in history.

Might even be the best winning streak
in ALL of sports.

These two are like one well oiled unit out
on the court. Signals and hand gestures communicate
without words — they know what each
other is thinking and strategizing.

These non verbal forms of communication
are a huge part to their success.

Obviously, you hear a ton of chatter too.

The main thrust of my point here is
to reach success in any form of team sport -
the communication is pinnacle to outstanding performance.

To begin communicating with your brain
a whole new way and experience the success
you are searching for — run over and grab one
of 24 sets left for the August edition
of the Success Rocket Ride Club.

This month has a bonus CD that includes a way
to communicate with your brain to improve your
memory. Do NOT miss this one. I interview non other
than the Memory Wizard, David G.

Do it now!

Your brain, body and family will thank you for it.


Vince Palko

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