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When Doubt Creeps In

Often times when I sit down to
scratch out a new drawing. I grab
a couple of old sketches I drew
in the past.

The ones where even I was astonished
the work came from my hands.

The ones, as I apply finishing strokes,
an inner “aha” thought declares, “Wow, that turned out just
as you envisioned it before you began.”

I lay these works around my blank
sheet of paper to put me in the zone.

These are visual reminders of past success.

From time to time I do create images where
the lines are weak and wimpy.
Ones that lack energy and appeal.

Yes, I do. Unless I activate the law
of “I did it once – I can do it again” — law.
This is a huge part of my success with not
only art but many other areas of my life.

You have this same success mechanism
within you.

Its one that by simply recalling
a time when you succeeded in your
job better than anyone. When you
were in the prime shape. When
what you did to achieve it
was effortless and easy.
And you were in the zone.

By beginning a challenging task
with these enthusiastic thoughts – you’ll
thrust yourself back on the right path
to success.

But you cant just think about them. Before
you know it your mind will be distracted again.
Thats why its vital to have success images
around you to catapult you towards success.
You need constant reminders to absorb yourself in.

And this month my Success Club Newsletter is packed
with them.

Go for it.

Get after it.

Push on,

Vincent Palko

P.S. Also, this month’s Success Club Members
will receive a Milliuon Dollar Memory Bonus CD.
If you are tired of being embarrassed -
forgetting someone’s name or always missing
important appointments — then you’ll want
to hear these simple techniques to improve your
memory.  There are about 27 copies left if you
jump at this opportunity pronto! They will all
go by the end of the month- if not sooner.

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