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When Fear is Removed

Last weekend I took the family to a world
renowned amusement park called Cedar Point,
in Sandusky, Ohio.  We celebrated Sophia’s birthday there as well.

The night of her celebration, So-So and I snuck
out around 10pm, while her little sisters fell fast asleep.

The moonlit park was aglow with excitement of
racing teenagers to take advantage of
small roller coaster lines. Squeaky, high pitched girly
screams filled the night air.

We rode a “kiddie coaster” called the Jr Gemini.
It was over in about 10 seconds.

As we were exiting, I looked over at the real
Gemini, which had no line and wait time.
As a kid, this was the ride I was petrified of because my brother
told me all kinds of scary stories about the hills
and curves on it.  Plus, looking up at it freaked me out.

I choose not to go on it until I was about 12 or so.
The park has since added ones twice and three times
the height of the Gemini’s biggest hill.

When I asked Sophia if she wanted
to ride it, she said, “Yes.”

“Wow. Okay.”

Keep in mind, I never said, “You
might be afraid, the hill is five – even six times taller
than the Jr Gemini’s hill.”

Sophia passed the candy stick height test
and we found two seats towards the middle of the
the long snake of coaster cars.

The ride lurched forward and she raised her hands up going
up the 1st hill. When we hung at the top and looked down
she quickly pulled her hands down.
The rest of the ride included lots of laughing
and giggling from both of us.  The darkness made the ride
mysterious as you never knew where the next
curve or hill was.

It was a magical night. And I was simply amazed
by her courage. She rode her first major league roller coaster.
And she walked down the exit ramp like no big deal.
We ended up riding it again.

And we aint talking about the Disney hoe-hum
boring rides – either.  This one went 60 mph
and we rode another that went a screaming 74 mph.


Children can teach us tons about being fearless.
They have zero fear and are 100% brave when
they have not been PROGRAMMED to be fearful.
If you dont know that you are supposed to be afraid
of something – you wont be.

So many people have in their minds, voices
of I cant lose weight. I cant leave my job
to start my own business.

Fear of the road ahead. Fear of what its going to take to reach
the destination. Fear of what they cant see coming.
Fear of the seemingly difficult nature to achieve it.

All of these are simply mental blocks.
Ones that can be annihilated by moving.
Preferably you move in a forward direction – one that
leads you down the path of supreme health and fitness.

Just like a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs.
But also like a coaster, the ride will be over before
you know it and you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment
for taking the journey.

Key is to take the first step and observe how
all the chips fall into place. Plant the vision
of you already having what you want
in the future And watch fear
vanish and confidence pour into your mind.

If you can see that future you motioning
you to take the step and
waiting for you at the exit ramp
thinner, healthier, happier and more vibrant,
then click this link NOW …


Vince Palko

P.S. Check out this page to grab some of
my life changing, fear banishing success and fitness

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