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When No One Believed But He

Okay, let’s take a little reprieve from football and talk, WRESTLING!


I have a bit of inspirational juice for you to enjoy today.

Was talking to my friend Jim last night. He is an assistant coach
of a wrestling squad in Colorado.

We were catching up on how his team did at Regionals last week.

“Let me tell you about this one kid, Ryan,” Jim started,

“This kid had to wrestle a guy who had pinned him
FOUR times previous in the season.”

“Oh yeah,” I inquired for more.

“Yes, Ryan was getting lit up in 3/4 of the match.
And by the end of the two periods he was down 15-2.
If the other kid scores again, Ryan is beat. He would be disqualified for a
certain rule in place making sure anyone gets blown out 50-4.

But something happened inside Ryan before the start of the third period.
His eyes changed ever so slightly. He had enough.

The next period he went out to score right away. Then again. And again.
He was on a tirade. He could not be stopped. He scored 15 unanswered points
on his opponent and won 17-15. He is NOW going to the State Finals this week”

“Holy Toledo,” I said.

Last Monday, the head coach before practice addressed everyone who
made it to the State Finals. This little school in Colorado has 5 going to
the State Championship.

Jim shared that when it came time for coach to address Ryan, he said,
“Son, I dont know what to say to you. You have no business being here.
I have no idea how you did what you did. But I congratulate you
for making us all believers.”

Jim said Ryan had the biggest grin on his face and took the comment
“No business being here” as the biggest compliment in the world.

Jim later ran the team through some situation drills to prepare for
state. He paired up the kids and said, “Men you are down
15-2 – there is seemingly no way out. You have to dig deep
and wrestle with all you got. ”

Jim grinned, “Ryan, you can sit this one out. You have it mastered.
Everyone else … timer ready — GO.”

This little kid, who everyone wrote off for not, got the biggest kick
out of Jim naming the situation drill, “Ryan’s Comeback.”

So DOES it matter if everyone has written you off to lose. Even those closest to you.
Hardly. What matters is if YOU believe in YOU. Summon that still small voice
within that says YOU CAN. And that’s all you need.

Thanks Ryan. Thanks for your will to WIN and NEVER GIVE UP.

You are an inspiration to more people than you know!
Good luck in state this week. Use those winning feelings you experienced afterwards
as the juice to do it again.

Make ‘em ALL believers ONCE MORE!

Conceive, Believe, Achieve,

Vincent William Palko

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several life enhancing programs…

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