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Why Athletes Point to Heaven

This one will surge below the surface of
typical drivel you may get in your inbox on a daily basis.

By going deep, the intent is to help you rise above.
And think bigger… and greater … and to be more.

Now with that said, if you are like me, you’re feeling up
to your eye balls in football lately.

But you gotta get every last drop in
before the season ends. Right?

Well, thats my approach at least.

While watching over a hundred plays
in the last couple weeks.. many a time
did I see an athlete point to the heavens
when performing a big play.

This is cool to watch.

And I love when people say, “God doesn’t care
who wins the game.”

How do you know.

Have you asked.

What these doubters are missing is this ->

An athlete recognizes his higher power
when he makes a big play by pointing upward.
Many times a player is just as amazed as the fans
when he squeaks through a wall that a mouse would have
trouble squeezing through to score a touchdown.

Or any other huge game shifting play in front of 80,000 people.

Pointing to the heavens is their way of acknowledging God or
whatever higher power they believe in assisting
in making the big play happen … for guiding them.. protecting them
and so on.

Now this thought will upset many.

But the amazing news is we all have the
ability to tap into our own higher power
to achieve wonderful, amazing, unusual, shocking
things we never thought we were capable of.

And it doenst matter what what religion you are ..
or are not … everyone has a high power hovering
above you – guiding you, supporting you, keeping you safe.

Trusting that the power is there to tap into is what
these standout athletes have above the average person.


Simple as that.

Making them super human in a way.

Yes, they may get more spiritual during
the season but if its part of their success system
then who cares.  Whatever works… or at least thats
how i sees it.

So play everyday like you are a super star
athlete and expect that the universe will be there
help you achieve mind blowing success.

Go Texas,

Vince Palko

P.S. I’m down to 48 sets of my 43 Secrets to Stoke
Your Fat Blast Furnace
.. run over here to grab
yours before they vanish into thin air…

P.P.S. Hopefully Ohio State did a little
Gridiron Mind Power
before the game … they will need it.
They’ve lost each bowl game in the last two years.

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